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Sadie Jean’s Latest Single ’16’ Has Us Crying In Nostalgia

Sadie Jean’s Latest Single ’16’ Has Us Crying In Nostalgia

You may know Sadie Jean from 2021 when her debut song ‘WYD Now?‘ trended across TikTok for the open verse challenge. Or if you are on the fandom side of TikTok, you may know her from all the sad edits that circulate TikTok using her song ‘WYD Now?’ such as edits for The Amazing Spiderman‘s Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy (those make us sob uncontrollably).


Duet w. @Sadie Jean This is gonna be on repeat when it drops ❤️ #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #singing

♬ WYD Now Open Verse Challenge – Sadie Jean

Sadie Jean is an American singer/songwriter with only four releases (‘WYD Now?,’ ‘Locksmith,’ ‘Just Because,’ and her latest single) but approximately 4.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify! Crazy, right? Well, not really. If you have heard any of her songs, you know these many monthly listeners are warranted.

Did you know we got to exclusively interview Sadie Jean about her single ‘Just Because’!? We were absolutely losing our minds.

But enough about that. Let’s jump into why we are all here, Sadie Jean’s latest single ‘16,’ released on August 18, 2023.


Sadie Jean with a group of friends on a field. Image Source: Courtesy of DKC News
Image Source: Courtesy of DKC News

The single ’16’ perfectly encapsulates the joys of being 16 and at the same time makes the listener feel sad as Sadie Jean sings about being 16 as a thing in the past, something she is remembering. She remembers the newfound freedom, the feeling of being a teenager, all the dreams one has at that age, and how it has all changed now.

’16’ is Sadie Jean’s way of taking a trip down and making us take a trip down memory lane to our sweet 16th year. It is the perfect end-of-summer song; the times of laughter, fun, and sunny days at the park coming to an end.

’16’ is the most nostalgic song I have ever written and more upbeat than any other songs I have released. It’s about revisiting the places you went when you were 16 and seeing them all with fresh eyes, and really noticing how much time has passed. It really explores that feeling of missing the joy of being 16 that I will never get back.

Sadie Jean

’16’ Music Video

Our first thought when we watched the music video for ’16’ was “Omg, we wanna be 16 again.” Sadie Jean hit her mark and made us feel super nostalgic.

The music video starts off with Sadie Jean driving down the road, to what we can assume is her childhood home, before transitioning to her 16th birthday. Other than that, the music video is full of 16-year-old Sadie Jean and a group of friends playing games and messing around at the park, having fun in her bedroom, attending a pool party, riding bikes in the summer sun, and just having a blast. The music video will definitely make you feel this bittersweet happiness as you remember the fun you had with your friends when you were 16. And if you aren’t 16 yet or are currently 16, it will make feel excited about the age of running around and having fun with your friends with no responsibilities.

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Your old room, these walls look different / Nothing’s new, just days and distance / And I’m freaked out the more I realize / It’s gone now, but sometimes / I wanna be / Sixteen at the park, parked in your dad’s car / Dreaming, gonna grow up, be a big star

’16’ by Sadie Jean

Simply said, we love Sadie Jean, her new single ’16’, and the accompanying music video. We will definitely be meeting up with our honeybee friends to drive down a road with the windows down and ’16’ playing loudly. The song is honestly an end-of-summer or end-of-an-era vibe.

While we wait for Sadie Jean to release some music (keep an eye out *wink wink*), we will be attending her upcoming North American tour with Johnny Orlando which begins on September 15 through October 4. Get your tickets quickly before they sell out!

So what do you love about Sadie Jean’s new single ’16?’ Are you excited about new Sadie Jean music? Let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at @thehoneypop!


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