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Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With Sadie Jean ‘Just Because’ We Love Her New Single

Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With Sadie Jean ‘Just Because’ We Love Her New Single

Okay, maybe our love for Sadie Jean isn’t the only reason we interviewed the up-and-coming songwriter, but it’s true, we really do love her music. For the past month, we’ve been streaming ‘Just Because,’ her latest single, and it is yet another hit from Sadie. Turns out we’re not the only ones, as the song is already making its way toward 3 million streams!

She has such a skill for storytelling, and her latest single has got us so wrapped up in our emotions it was hard to even type out this interview. (We’re still healing, okay) We have a feeling Sadie Jean’s talent is only going to continue to grow, and she’s going to write so many of our future favorite songs. We hope by the end of this article, you’ll feel the same way! To learn more about the 21-year-olds budding career, inspirations, and TikTok tips, keep reading!

‘Just Because’ is a really emotional song that we’re sure so many of our readers can relate to, and the same goes for a lot of your releases. What is it like to put out music that’s so vulnerable and to share it with the world?
It’s the scariest and most freeing feeling in the world! It’s like writing a very detailed journal entry and putting it on a Christmas card for everyone to see.

Something very interesting is that the songwriters you’ve previously mentioned as sources of inspiration to you (for example, Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell) there’s a common theme in that they’re all renowned for their storytelling abilities. Is storytelling a big part of your songwriting process as an artist?
Storytelling is the most integral part of my songwriting process. All of my music is based on the stories in my own life, which makes it so much more meaningful for me to share it with the world.  My favorite part about being a songwriter is having a Rolodex of memories to pull from in my songs.

Music clearly plays a huge part in your life now, was music always a big part of your identity? When you were growing up, did you think you’d be an artist?
I always dreamed of being an artist. I grew up always writing songs and singing, but starting around age 8, I started to think it was super embarrassing. From then on, I did everything in secret until I was around 17. I would literally sing purposefully bad in the car with friends so no one knew I could sing. I felt like Hannah Montana with some sort of double life.

You have a very loyal following on TikTok, who are super supportive whenever you’re teasing new music. What is it like to have people so engaged and connected?
It’s amazing. It’s super cool to have an online community that can give me feedback on what I’m doing in real-time, it definitely feels like a huge virtual family of sorts. I feel super lucky to have such awesome followers on TikTok who are so supportive, funny, and invested in my music.


Replying to @Charlotte Turner i love these lyrics! ❤️‍🩹 #behindthesong #justbecause #sadiejean

♬ Just Because by Sadie Jean instrumental – Sadie Jean

TikTok can be such an amazing tool for artists; we know ‘WYD Now’ blew up on TikTok and helped launch your career in a big way. What would you say are your best tips for artists who want to start sharing their work on the platform, and how did you find the courage to do it?
Just do it! That sounds super basic, but it’s true. I think it’s really important to never let your circumstances or resources define your art. If you have TikTok and you feel like you have a story to share, share it. Your art and your story will speak for itself. I personally had the courage to post because of my awesome friends Grace Enger and David Alexander who I worked on ‘WYD Now’ with. They really convinced me to send it out into the world, and I’m so glad they did.

You’ve posted a lot of demos and unreleased songs on TikTok; we just have to ask because we’re dying to hear them. Is there an album coming, and can we expect to hear them soon?
I have sooooo many songs I am so so so excited about and cannot wait to share… so keep an eye out. Or ear out… I guess.

We’ve noticed through a lot of your posts, whether it’s photoshoots, live sets, or artwork, butterflies seem to be a recurring theme. Do butterflies have a special meaning or significance in your life?
When I was going through my first big breakup, I kept seeing butterflies everywhere, like literally all the time. Change is something I often struggle accepting, and seeing butterflies feels like some type of reminder from the universe about the beauty of transformation.

As well as opening for Cian Ducrot on his European tour, towards the end of 2022, you played your first international headline show, that must’ve been a big moment! What was that experience like for you?
It was truly insane in the best possible way. It was my first time being on tour, and Cian and his team were just the most welcoming and supportive. It was so insane to me that people were singing along to my music in countries I had never even been to before. It felt very transformative and healing, and was also just so much fun meeting people who resonate with my songs. 

On the topic of tour, if you could play a show with your dream lineup, who would you pick to share the stage with?
Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, and Joni Mitchell. My holy trinity. Also, all 5 members of One Direction so I could parent-trap them into a reunion.

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It was your birthday last week, so we couldn’t end this without saying a huge belated happy birthday! 21 is a special one! Do you have any hopes or dreams for the next year?
Thank you!!!! I’m super excited to experience life as a 21-year-old and to write a million songs about it!  

We can’t wait to hear those songs! Thank you to Sadie for such a fun interview, and we’re excited to see what you do next. Make sure you stay up to date with Sadie on all her socials below, and don’t forget to stream ‘Just Because!’

What’s your favorite Sadie Jean song or demo so far? Let us know in the comments or drop us a Tweet @thehoneypop. You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram! Come say hi!


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