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5 Dove Cameron Music Videos That Radiate Capricorn Energy

5 Dove Cameron Music Videos That Radiate Capricorn Energy

Oh, Capricorns, how we love you so! As one of the strongest, brightest, and most solid in the zodiac we know we can always rely on you. Whether that’s to make us laugh, entertain us, or keep us grounded our lives are better with a Cap by our side! And one of our favorite Capricorns? Miss Dove Cameron herself. In her honor, here are five of our favorite Dove Cameron music videos that radiate Capricorn energy!

She’s Ambitious

Probably one of her most popular songs to date, ‘Boyfriend’ gives us all the main character feels. And let’s face it, with their infectious energy and charm, Capricorns were born to be the main characters. A song all about going after what (or who) makes you happy, ‘Boyfriend’ has quickly become the soundtrack staple for a lot of our lives!

She’s Powerful

She says it right in the lyrics! Let’s talk about power! ‘Breakfast’ is the perfect girl boss anthem and the music video oozes that amazing Capricorn energy. The song makes us feel so fierce every time we play it and the music video is even more stunning. Dove looks flawless (let’s not even get us started on her in that pantsuit), but the message is clear. Women can do anything…and they can eat those boys for breakfast!

She’s Refined

This cover is amazing! Dove put her own twist on ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ by Coldplay which is just as smooth and polished as we’d expect. Capricorns can always be counted on to be cool, calm, and collected, often known for being practical and level-headed. When you apply that to their craft, you’re left with a masterpiece of poise, elegance, and perfection!

She’s Unique

It only makes sense that Dove would belt an anthem about being yourself. A lot of times Capricorns can get a bad rap for being cold or calculated, which are often traits that leave little room for creativity. However, it’s their determination and ingenuity that makes them an extremely unique piece of the zodiac puzzle! ‘Born Ready’ is a Marvel song for a reason. It’s exactly what you need to hype yourself up and embrace who you truly are!

She’s Effortless

This music video is out of this world and the perfect example of Dove’s ability to be effortlessly captivating. Although she is a featured artist on the track she was able to steal the show without breaking a sweat. Now, we know what you’re thinking. She was the only one in the video. Sure! But the way she works the camera, we’re sure you’d only have eyes for her regardless!

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We want to know, Capricorns. Did you relate to any of these qualities? Let us know in the comments! What about your favorite Dove Cameron music video? Tell us @thehoneypop on Twitter or on Instagram and Facebook.


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