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10 Heartwrenching Lyrics We Love From Spanish Love Songs’ No Joy

10 Heartwrenching Lyrics We Love From Spanish Love Songs’ No Joy

If you’re looking for an album with amazing vocals, fluttering synths, and lyrics that will reach into the deepest, most vulnerable parts of you, Spanish Love SongsNo Joy is the album for you. We’ve been obsessed with the singles, ‘Haunted’ is a particular fave of ours, and the full album is nothing short of amazing. The first listen of No Joy had us in absolute shock (in a good way). Every song, every line, seemed to reflect some of our innermost thoughts in feelings and lay them bare in a way we did not expect.

It’s really an album of love songs for the people I’m going to miss. We’re finally living up to our name

Dylan Slocum

Emotional catharsis is a big theme in Spanish Love Songs’ music and No Joy is full of it. Dylan Slocum, vocalist of SLS, says that No Joy

… is a reaction to the previous, the outcome of trying to destroy the boredom. An attempt to throw out expectations and just chase down the things that excite us. … The stories try to be more optimistic. This is the first time we’ve made the exact record we set out to make. And we’ve ultimately arrived at the next stage in the band’s evolution

Dylan Slocum via press release

No Joy certainly brings us a lot of emotional catharsis in its lyrics. Some of them are gutwrenching and emotional, some are uplifting and give us hope, but they all come together to form this masterpiece of an album. Spanish Love Songs filled No Joy with running themes and emotions. Themes of ghosts, escaping your own body, missing everything, and references to other lyrics can be found throughout the album. In light of that, we thought it would be fun to share this album with you through the lyrics that hit us the hardest. This is by no means a comprehensive list because we’d be here for entirely too long but these are some standouts for us personally, so let’s dive in!

When you’re feeling like a ghost would you come haunt me please?‘ -‘Haunted’

So do you think we’ll outrun it? Get past the pain of simply being?’ -‘Lifers’

It’s so hard to find a sign when every ad says you’ll be fine‘ -‘Marvel’


If everyone’s gone in rapture why don’t you want to get better?‘ -‘Rapture Chaser’

I try to power up my phone like I’m conjuring a ghost to get your voice back in my head‘ -‘Here You Are’

The world finally resumed spinning and you tried to peek over the edge begged me to let you down easy before the vertigo kicked in‘ -‘Mutable’

You’re not a ghost, so stop disappearing‘ -‘Haunted’


You’ve been crying your whole d*mn life they dare ask why you’re not smiling’ -‘Middle of Nine’

My dreams shot up in target practice and all my friends have moved on‘ -‘I’m Gonna Miss Everything’

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So f*ck the garden and the yard you can barely tend to your own dreams’ -‘Clean-Up Crew’

Like we said, this is by no means a comprehensive list of No Joy lyrics that resonated with us. If we listed all of them we’d end up listing entire songs. Spanish Love Songs crafted a beautiful, poetic, and heartwrenching album when creating No Joy. We got emotional just writing this article and re-reading the lyrics tbh. It pulls at our heartstrings and it’s the perfect album for fall in our opinion.

Stream Spanish Love Songs’ No Joy and catch them on tour later this year! They’ll be joining Hot Mulligan on tour across the US and Europe and tickets are going fast so get yours ASAP. Spanish Love Songs will also embark on their own headlining UK/EU tour in 2024 so be sure to grab tickets for that too!

What is your favorite song/lyric off of No Joy? Let us know in the comments, on FacebookInstagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We’re always buzzing about something.

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