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WOODZ’s OO-LI Is A Musical ‘Journey’ You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

WOODZ’s OO-LI Is A Musical ‘Journey’ You Don’t Want To Miss Out On


OO-LI by WOODZ is out, and we can’t contain our emotions! This drop got us hooked so fast, but we’re not surprised one bit, and here’s why. It’s WOODZ, he took part in writing and composing all of the songs, IT’S WOODZ! It’s very valid to use him as a reason not once but twice because it’s his name, his brand, and his unique sound, and that is what keeps us as fans. Even when we don’t know what he’ll drop, we just have a feeling it will be good, yet we are always shocked in all the good ways about just how great it actually is.

Let’s talk about the songs so we can spill out more compliments! First of all, OO-LI has a total of seven (7) tracks, that offer different genres and emotional experiences. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s all worth it. We at THP are all about good music, and THIS IS IT! Ready to dive in deeper?

The Musicality Of A True Artist

We got ‘Abyss‘ as a pre-release and it’s been on repeat as we (im)patiently waited for the mini-album to arrive. The emotional grip it had on us was strong, and honestly, it still is. You may wonder why we’re mentioning it so early on, as it is the last track on the album’s list. Well, the reason is the connection between the music video of ‘Abyss’ and the title track ‘Journey.’ And, yes, we need to talk about the clip as it expresses the song in a very artistic way. Leave it to WOODZ and his team to slay this as always.

The very first thing that captures our eyes is the message written on a black background that goes “I’VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE PAIN, WHEN I PAUSED MY STEP, BUT I KNOW WHEN I FEEL LOCKED IN THE DARK.” These are lyrics that we get to hear in ‘Journey,’ and oh how they hit us right in the feels.

Overall, ‘Journey’ is a song about discovering one’s self and opening up to move forward, and being ready for the next journey that awaits. Looking at the music video, if you watched ‘Abyss,’ you’d recognize the scenery. We are back in the same spaces and we also get to see those crystal orbs that WOODZ collected in the previous clip. This time around, he is dropping them to the ground, which ends up absorbing them. For us, this feels like a way of releasing, being set free. This is the explanation we believe matches the mood of the song.

We also see a more unconstrained side of WOODZ, who seemed rather troubled and down in the scenes in ‘Abyss.’ As he sings, “I’m ready to journey again,” we are convinced this is a declaration of a new beginning, one that we are here for the full ride.

Also, how are we feeling about those high notes? If they shot us in the heart, well the choir near the end sent us to the floor. How does one create something so beautiful? WOODZ came to secure his spot as one of our favorite artists, and he succeeded spectacularly.

No Skip B-Sides

We already mentioned how we still haven’t been able to get enough of ‘Abyss,’ and it’s not the only song from OO-LI we have on repeat. The whole album is a no-skip, which only shows how hard WOODZ worked on it. He keeps showing us his growth and the diversity in his sound, and we support the venture he takes every time.

The album starts with ‘Deep Deep Sleep,’ which draws us in with its dreamy tune. It’s so relaxing to the point where it feels enchanting. Keeping in mind this is the single that leads us to ‘Journey,’ we’d say the transition is very smooth, and it’s probably the right choice for the first piece on the list.

Moving to the next music number, we’re entering tunes that we already know WOODZ would conquer easily. And still, he managed to leave us speechless. ‘Drowning’ may be about the suffocating pain one feels after a lover leaves, but we are “drowning” in our tears from how good this track turned out.

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The next song is ‘Busted’ and if you could see us now, we can’t stop grooving to the rhythm as we type. Just when we thought the song couldn’t get any better, WOODZ dropped that powerful rap in the latter half of the song. We are not ok! We’re great, but you know what we mean. Every detail here is well-polished to make the final version perfect.

We are freaking out so much about ‘Who Knows’ and ‘Ready to Fight!’ These two might be the tracks with the hardest-hitting melodies. We love it when WOODZ gives us this kind of sound because he pulls it so well. Rock star WOODZ? We hope we will get to hear more of that side in the future, as well.

We’re so in love with WOODZ’s OO-LI, and we strongly believe there is something for everyone on the album. Just don’t ask us to pick a favorite track, as that will prove a challenge. We would say our answer would depend on our moods when asked. We are curious to hear if you have a favorite song and which it is. We’re waiting to hear from you on our TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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