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Stop And Listen To Chris James In ‘The Race’ We Call Life

Stop And Listen To Chris James In ‘The Race’ We Call Life


Do you ever feel like you’re running a race through life that didn’t include any breaks to stop and smell the flowers? Well, you might find some solace in knowing you are not alone. But the most important thing is to sit in those soon-to-be memories, don’t run through life to the finish line! The journey is the fun part! And Chris James reminds us of this important life lesson with his single, ‘The Race!’

You may recognize the name Chris James by his amazing writing credits on some of your favorite songs! And now, you get to hear his songwriting skills from the GOAT himself! Taking a deep dive into the fluctuation of emotion that life throws at us, Chris leaves it all on the floor with his new album, Why Should We Turn Around?

But, don’t turn around right now. Let’s wait until after you read this exclusive interview!

Can you tell us about your journey to your career in music? What inspired you to become not only a songwriter but a producer?
When I was 14, I started a channel on YouTube with my best friend at the time. On the channel, we posted cover songs and music videos that we made together. Once the channel started gaining some traction and support, I decided that it would be fun to start writing some of my own songs to put up on the channel. That’s how everything started! 

And we love ‘Life Goes On.’ Could you tell us about your experience co-writing for BTS and what it was like to have a hand in creating a global hit?
Co-writing ‘Life Goes On’ was an amazing experience that I got to enjoy with some of my close friends and songwriting partners. Seeing the massive reaction that it got was really validating. A lot of love went into that song.

How does it feel to have achieved RIAA Gold certification for ‘Life Goes On,’ and what does that recognition mean to you?
It feels great to see people enjoying these songs as much as I enjoyed making them. Creating music is such an amazing process and the recognition helps to keep the music flowing.

If you had to use three words to describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard it before, what would they be?
Dance with me!

Your new album, Why Should We Turn Around?, is the final of your trilogy. How does it feel to complete the three-year project, and what have you learned about yourself and your craft in the process?
It feels really amazing to come to the end of this project and know that I stayed consistent. One of the biggest things I’ve learned throughout this process is to always stay nice to myself. I found that the journey is so much more important than the outcome and the journey is so much more fun if you aren’t being too hard to yourself.

Were there any themes, sounds, or styles you experimented with during this project and the last album?
I wanted this whole project to feel upbeat and relatable. I basically just kept the lyrics, themes, and instrumentation vulnerable and authentic without taking it all too seriously.

What message do you hope fans will take away Why Should We Turn Around? and how do you hope your music will impact them?
I hope that everyone who listens to ‘Why Should We Turn Around’ feels like they have a new friend. I wanted to relate to people and share that life has highs and lows, but nothing is permanent. No matter what’s going on in your life, you can always find balance.

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You’ve already hit some amazing career milestones, what are some of your goals for the future, both in your own music and in working with other artists?
I’m super excited about all of the projects I have coming up, however, I have a goal to bring this album into the room with fans and experience it with them more than ever. There is nothing better than hearing everyone in the room come together and start singing and I would really love to connect more with fans that way. 

After hearing Chris James’ elite lyricism, there’s no way you can be anything but obsessed. And the whole album has just left us in absolute awe. We love when music gives us happy chills and Why Should We Turn Around? does just that! You can stream the new EP right here!

Have you listened to Chris James’ Why Should We Turn Around? What’s your favorite lyric from the musical genius? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet! You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook!

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