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We’d Be In A Constant State Of FML Without These SEVENTEEN Choreo’s

We’d Be In A Constant State Of FML Without These SEVENTEEN Choreo’s


Hi Carats! We’re so excited to have another SEVENTEEN album in our hands, well, not physically yet, as we are still waiting for our albums in the mail, but you know what we mean. And if you don’t know, well, SEVENTEEN recently released their 10th mini album FML, and much like our fellow Carats, we were in shock.

We want to start off by saying that FML was released six years to date (a day off, but who’s counting) of the group’s first album, [First ‘LOVE&LETTER’]. So, we did find ourselves reminiscing about how they’ve grown so much from then, with their sound, individual confidence, and overall, who SEVENTEEN is, and what better way to celebrate than with an album titled FML? With this album, we were given not only a different sound than their first album but previous albums, as well,


Image Source: Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment

With every SEVENTEEN album, whether it’s a mini-album or not, we always get SVT participation in the making of the tracks. And as usual, we have Woozi and Vernon in the forefront, helping with the lyrics and productions, which is always a win for everyone. We also have three of the six tracks given to each unit of the group. Hip-Hop Units, bop, ‘Fire,’ Performance Unit showed off their vocals in, ‘I Don’t Understand But I Luv U,’ and Vocal Unit gave us ‘Dust,’ which should be an OST asap. Of course, we also can’t miss out on talking about the iconic title tracks, ‘F*ck My Life,’ and ‘Super,’ as well as the last track on the album and possibly our favorite B-side from it, ‘April Showers.’

If there is any track on SEVENTEEN’s album that we think describes the group’s sound, it has to be the first title track, ‘F*ck My Life.’ It really mixes together everything Carats love about the group’s sound. From the catchy beats to the sweet vocals, and we can’t forget about the raps. And we don’t know if it’s just us but, their vocal delivery in this does remind us of ‘My My,’ which we absolutely loved. We also couldn’t help but love the sad lyrics from the track, specifically, “Is there anyone who can exchange hearts with me for one day?” One word, relatable. All in all, we are still not over the album, and we don’t think we’ll ever be. But, do you know what will never be over? SEVENTEEN’s choreography. From a group that is known for their dancing skills, they obviously couldn’t disappoint, and they never do, so in the spirit of their newest album, let’s look at a couple of our favorite SEVENTEEN choreos.


We have to start with our newest favorite choreo, which comes from ‘Super.’ We’ll always think back to it in awe because we got some new iconic looks from the guys, and in simple terms, they all smashed it. Firstly, when we heard it, we just knew we would be getting some nice footwork in the choreo, especially with the slow down, and we were right. Now you may look at it and think, well, it looks pretty easy because it’s slow, but you really need to be looking at the hand, and as we mentioned, footwork that goes on in the chorus, that’s where it can really get you. It’s obviously our favorite part of the choreo. Our takeaway from this is one: SVT can never go wrong with an isolated group and solo choreo, and second, much like SEVENTEEN, we also “Love our team, and love our crew,” shout out to our fellow Honey POP staff 😉


We had to follow up ‘Super’ with ‘Hit’ because the guys did mention that it took them longer to learn ‘Super’ than ‘Hit,’ and our jaws just dropped to the floor, because we’ve obviously all seen the choreo for ‘Hit.’ We’re always so tired while watching them dance to ‘Hit,’ we honestly don’t even know how they can sing and sync all those jumps in at the same time. If you want to know what we’re talking about, check out the one-minute mark, and get ready to see some amazing footwork as well as high jumps.

‘Fallin’ Flower’

We’ll never not be suckers for the choreo of ‘Fallin’ Flower.’ We don’t think we’ll ever see anything more beautiful than the group dancing as one flower. In the choreo, each member is a petal from the leaf, while every once in a while, one of the boys sprouts from the middle of the flower, insinuating them blooming. The upper body work is so graceful, and we can’t do anything but sit in awe of the creativity.

‘Don’t Wanna Cry’

‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ has our favorite dramatic choreo ever. Whether it’s just upper or lower bodywork, the group shows off their acting skills, as every single move comes off as emotional and sad. From their group, trio, or duo work, to them collapsing on their knees, and to, of course, them covering their faces, it’s all simply perfect.


We didn’t think we’d ever be over ‘HOME;RUN,’ we can’t help but love when SEVENTEEN are in their theater kid stage, and speaking of stages, it gave us some really iconic performances. What we really like about ‘HOME;RUN’ is the Simon Says like choreo, the very smooth transitions of who gets to dance next, and THE8 showing off his b-boy skills in the end.


Okay, look before anyone says anything, we just had to include ‘Home’ because it was the track and choreo that really made this author, fall in love with the group. You’d be lying if you said ‘Home’ doesn’t have amazing choreography. Because come on, the guys did perfect turns, their moves were amazingly sharp, and most importantly, they incorporated home into sign language. It really sold it for us.

If we had all the time in the world, honestly, we would’ve added all of SEVENTEEN’s choreographies, but since we don’t, you got those six, plus we really want you to continue to stream FML, because that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since it’s release. Which you can do here. You’re welcome, and thank you. 

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We could never think of the diamond life, and especially if FML‘s sound is what we should be expecting for the future of SEVENTEEN, we’d gladly continue to grow alongside the group.

Y’all, we know what you’re thinking SVT really put everything into FML, and it’s your favorite release of 2023? Yeah, we thought so. But we know you must have more to say, such as, about them having the fastest pre-sales in K-POP history. So write till your hearts are empty in the comments down below, or talk to us on Twitter @thehoneypop, as well as Facebook and Instagram!

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