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5 Funny Moments With Jun From SEVENTEEN

5 Funny Moments With Jun From SEVENTEEN


SEVENTEEN is no stranger to bringing joy to Carats. Among the group‘s members, Jun stands out with his charming personality and sense of humor, always ready to create laughter-filled moments. Below we’ll delve into the hilarious world of Jun and highlight five funny moments that showcase his comedic genius. Get ready to ROFL as we explore Jun’s amusing antics!

Comedy King On Variety Shows

Jun’s appearances on various Korean variety shows have become legendary, showcasing his impeccable comedic timing and wit. From acting wild to cracking jokes, Jun effortlessly brings smiles to the faces of viewers. Whether it’s his playful banter with the hosts or his quirky reactions to unexpected situations, Jun’s talent for comedy shines through, making him a fan favorite on variety programs.

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Infectious Laugh

Jun, hands down, has one of the most infectious laughs we have ever heard. Anytime he laughs, you cannot help but laugh yourself. When we watch content that includes him laughing, it has a healing effect, and we just cannot get enough of it.

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Prankster Extraordinaire

Although Jun is known for being cute most of the time, he does have a mischievous side, and it often shows when he is playing pranks on his fellow members. Whether it’s hiding their belongings or inventing playful schemes, he knows how to keep his friends on their toes. His cheeky grin and infectious laughter add to the hilarity, leaving everyone wondering what antics he’ll come up with next.

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Funny Lives

We love the moments when Jun is acting goofy during his lives. You can tell that he enjoys making the members and Carats laugh, even if we don’t always understand his humor!

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Silly Faces Galore

When it comes to silly faces, Jun is the master. Whether it’s pulling funny expressions during interviews or pretending to be a grandpa, he sure knows how to be a mood-maker. With his elastic features and ability to switch from adorable to hilarious in seconds, Jun’s silly faces have become iconic among fans.

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It’s evident that Jun, the multi-talented member of SEVENTEEN, is a constant source of laughter and amusement. His natural comedic talent and playful personality create unforgettable funny moments that have Carats giggling for days. From mischievous pranks to hilarious expressions, Jun never fails to bring joy to both his fellow members and fans around the world. With Jun by their side, SEVENTEEN‘s journey is filled with laughter, making him an invaluable asset to the group’s dynamic. Get ready to laugh your heart out as Jun continues to entertain with his infectious laugh and fun-loving personality!

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