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Our Favorite Moments From SEVENTEEN’s Houston Show

Our Favorite Moments From SEVENTEEN’s Houston Show

We thought the day would never come, but here we are, we just saw SEVENTEEN live, and we honestly haven’t processed it. And if Houston wasn’t already ‘Hot’ enough, SEVENTEEN brought the heat.

Video Source: Valerie Valdez

Y’all know we are big fans of SEVENTEEN and couldn’t risk not seeing the group when they came to town, so there we were in Houston with our fellow Carats and SEVENTEEN. And let us tell you, first off, we missed Mingyu and Dino a lot and are 100% looking forward to next time with all 13. Second, it was such an amazing show! From start to finish, the guys showed off why they are known as Performance Kings. Whether they were tired or not, they never showed it, and we wondered, “How do they have so much energy?” Then we remembered, oh right, they’re SEVENTEEN, plus the screaming for each member probably had a hand in that. Houston Carats returned that energy tenfold, making for a very fun show.

Image Source: SEVENTEEN via Twitter (@pledis_17)

Now, after having some time to think and process, we know exactly some moments we want to tell you about. Take these as reasons you should see SEVENTEEN on tour.

Fan Segments

At a certain part in the show, the camera pans around and shows off Carats‘ very creative signs and outfits, and there were some very, very creative ones. Some were obscure memes, a couple of “(blank) for SEVENTEEN)” signs, as well as the sign pictured below, which we can absolutely relate to. We’re not even going to bother checking our bank accounts at this time. There were a lot of nicely dressed Carats; some were dressed as the leader line in ‘Cheers,‘ a couple of carrots, and a variation of cowboys, very fitting for Texas.

Image Source: Valerie Valdez

Never Ending ‘Aju Nice’

If you’ve been to a SEVENTEEN show, or even if you haven’t, we’re sure you’ve heard of the ‘Never ending ‘Aju Nice.” If you haven’t, it happens at the end of the show when SEVENTEEN says, “Okay, that was our last song, bye,” and then ‘Aju Nice’ plays again and again. But not only that, they have a fan in the crowd sing a part of the track, and it’s always iconic. We think our calves grew bigger from the start to the end of the show from the endless jumping. The never-ending ‘Aju Nice’ will never get old.

Image Source: SEVENTEEN via Twitter (@pledis_17)

“You Guys Were Waiting For Me?”

So in every stop so far, right before ‘Mansae’ and ‘Left and Right,’ the guys do a little segment where they’re like, “Let’s start the next song, oh no, Vernon’s missing,” and then Vernon comes in and starts singing a song from an artist from the city they’re in. And this time, it was Beyoncé‘s ‘Single Ladies,’ and we absolutely loved it. We would like to say we predicted a Beyoncé song, so try guessing what song Vernon will sing next for your stop!

Video Source: Valerie Valdez

Stage Presence

We honestly can’t pinpoint our favorite stage from it because SVT seemed very hyped today, and so every stage was A1. And so, for one of our favorite moments, we cheated a bit and will say they’re stage presence. These guys are obviously pros at what they do, and the energy you see on TV or YouTube is what you get live. They have you jumping and singing at the top of your lungs and are right there alongside you. And don’t even get us started on their solo dances. They’re ones to watch for a reason!

Image Source: Valerie Valdez

Some Honorary Mentions

  • Carats barking at S.Coups, and S.Coups looking both shocked and done with us.

  • Seungkwan V.S. Translator

If you happened to find yourself at the Toyota Center to watch SEVENTEEN, or you were watching from the live stream, we really hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun Tour is for sure the one to be at.

Have you seen SEVENTEEN on tour? Are you going to see them when they come to your city? If you were at the Houston show, what was your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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