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We Can’t Stop Watching These Angelic Jungkook Performances While We Await ‘Standing Next To You’

We Can’t Stop Watching These Angelic Jungkook Performances While We Await ‘Standing Next To You’

IT’S NOVEMBER, AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS: GOLDEN MONTH! This Friday, Jungkook will finally be dropping his debut solo album, Golden, and has just dropped the teaser for ‘Standing Next To You.’ We are so stoked!

‘Standing Next To You’ serves as the title track for the album and is said to be a retro funk track with a modern take of old-school disco funk. It joins ‘Seven’ featuring Latto and ‘3D’ featuring Jack Harlow on the 11-track record, with other songs including  ‘Closer to You (feat. Major Lazer),’ ‘Yes or No,’ ‘Please Don’t Change (feat. DJ Snake),’ ‘Hate You,’ ‘Somebody,’ ‘Too Sad to Dance,’ and ‘Shot Glass of Tears.’

The cinematic teaser is action-packed yet still leaves plenty to the imagination as we adorn the final countdown. One thing we noticed was the giant pair of black wings. At first thought, we couldn’t help but wonder if there are any connections to BTS‘s ‘Black Swan’ or Map Of The Soul: 7 era, and then we couldn’t help but think: “Yeah, Jungkook is an angel. His voice is so angelic, TBH.” So, could he be a fallen angel? We’re not sure, and we’ll leave the theories up to the hardcore theory ARMYs and eat our popcorn while watching their genius minds at work.

In the meantime, though, we’re going back to how he has the voice of an angel. To get us hyped for Friday, we’re looking at some of Jungkook’s most angelic vocal performances!

‘For Youth’ At Music Bank, 2022

Kickstarting the angelic performances is the tear-jerking ‘For Youth’ performance last year on Music Bank. The meaningful performance followed the release of the anthology album PROOF, marking the end of chapter one of BTS. And with it being a special performance and a momentous time for both BTS and ARMY, you could particularly hear their strong emotions in their vocals. Jungkook’s high notes hit hard in this, and we struggle to keep a dry eye at THP HQ whenever this plays. *Sniff sniff* Ahem, moving on.

‘Seven’ At BBC R1’s Live Lounge, 2023

British ARMYs, AKA UKMYs, were in their feels when Jungkook flew to London especially for this performance! With ‘Seven‘ being a UK garage-inspired track, it felt right to see him visit the capital for performances and promo. The visit saw him return to Live Lounge, only this time as a solo artist. This Jungkook live performance was truly dazzling! It felt stripped back and raw but still euphoric and exciting to listen to.

‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’ At PROOF LIVE, 2022

As part of the release of PROOF and Festa 2022, we got the amazing PROOF LIVE performances. Recorded while in the States with guest Anderson .Paak, this flawless performance of ‘Yet To Come’ really showcased the members’ individual vocal talents, with Jungkook’s warm voice gliding across that opening. We love it so much! It’s more proof that whenever we get Jungkook live, the mic is always ON!

‘Fix You’ At MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS, 2020

Not just anyone can officially cover a Coldplay song, so this cover of ‘Fix You’ back in 2020 was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the iconic British band and BTS. Of course, they did a phenomenal job covering it! Jungkook once again opened the song, sounding like an angel from above and delivering a performance that could convince a newcomer that English is his mother tongue. We also love how his vocals blend so smoothly when harmonizing with Namjoon. Just perfection.

‘Oh Holy Night’ At SBS K-POP Awards, 2019

We’re ready for the festive season, so naturally, we’ve been listening to this beautiful live cover by Jungkook from 2019! Opening for a Christmas extravaganza performance by BTS, The golden maknae’s solo is heavenly, giving a magical yuletide feel to our souls. We always play it several times throughout the winter months (and maybe once or twice throughout the rest of the year.)

‘Euphoria’ At Global Citizen Festival, 2023

Earlier this year, Jungkook headlined at the Global Citizen Festival and performed a fan favorite, ‘Euphoria.’ Performing it five years after its initial release and once again after his iconic performances on the Love Yourself Tour and Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour, it was thrilling to hear him sing it flawlessly again in 2023.

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‘I’m A Flying Butterfly’ At KBS Song Festival, 2016

We’re throwing it back with this one. In 2016, Jungkook joined his fellow ’97 liners for a live cover of YB’s ‘I’m A Flying Butterfly,’ with the BTS star opening the song. It was a true delight to see him unite with his fellow then-20-year-olds as one. And, of course, it was incredible seeing Jungkook open with his phenomenal vocals once more.

Are you hyped for ‘Standing Next To You?’ What song are you claiming from Golden? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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