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7 Life Lessons We’ve Learned From Jungkook

7 Life Lessons We’ve Learned From Jungkook

We ask ourselves a thousand times a day: What would Jungkook do in this situation? If you’re just like us, you’ve probably also thought about how you’ve learned so much from stanning Jungkook all of these years. Following his artistic and personal journey has been our favorite thing ever, and we can’t wait to continue growing with him and support him every single step of the way. We wanted to share the most precious lessons we’ve learned from Jungkook with you. Let’s get to them!

Be Kind, Humble, And Genuine

Being a good person is so rewarding, and Jungkook knows it better than anyone. He’s always 100% himself with everyone, and that’s what makes him Jungkook. He has always been a kind and genuine soul! The BTS members have said many times that “Jungkook never changes,” and they’re absolutely right. He truly inspires us to be a better human to those around us. What would we do without him?

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin And Style

Experimenting with your style and whatever makes you comfortable is so fun, and Jungkook has inspired us countless times. He is now more confident than ever, as his style has become more unique and iconic. Nobody can match his aura, and we could talk about how he has been our fashion icon every single day. We truly aspire to be as confident as him, and we can’t wait to see how he experiments with his style next!

Give Your 300% On Everything That You Do

Have you ever been afraid of failing when trying to do something new? Don’t worry; we still applaud you for being brave enough to give it your best shot, and that’s a lesson Jungkook has taught us over the years. He’s always ready to embrace new challenges as a singer and as a performer. And also, don’t forget to have fun! Learning is a part of the experience! Jungkook always tells us about his new experiences with so much excitement. He inspires us to become more fearless.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Finding ways to improve is not something easy to do, but Jungkook gives us the courage to go through our mistakes and learn from them so that we can become the best version of ourselves. Jungkook has evolved from feeling discouraged when he makes mistakes on stage to keep on working to be a better performer every time he walks into the spotlight. His dedication and his passion for his craft is something that amazes us every day. We’re so proud of him for trying to become a better role model!

Grow To Be Someone Your Past Self Would Be Proud Of

Jungkook has taught us that we can become the best version of ourselves as we get to learn more through our life journey. He’s always about how he wants to become a better performer and a better human as he keeps learning more about himself and the world around him. We know for a fact that little trainee Jungkook would be incredibly proud of who he is now! He has grown so much over the years, and our heart grows a thousand times its original size every time we think about how much he has evolved!

Don’t Be Afraid To Express Your Love

Jungkook has never been afraid of expressing how much the BTS members have influenced him, as they have been a big part of his life for over ten years. He also never misses a chance to say “I love you” to ARMYs! You can always feel loved by him, whether it is through his listening parties and his livestreams or his kindness on stage. What’s a better way to express your love than tattooing the fandom’s name on your hand? Jungkook’s bond with ARMYs is a forever thing. 💘

Show Your Gratitude As Much As You Can

We sometimes have to stop in our tracks, think about what we have around us, and think, “Wow, we’re so lucky.” Jungkook has taught us to always feel grateful towards everyone, as he is grateful to his fans, the members of BTS, and the staff who work alongside him. He always feels extremely thankful for being surrounded by love and support. There’s nothing better than seeing our favorite idol smile. We’re also so grateful you’re in our lives, Jungkook!

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