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Towa Bird May Not Be An American Hero, But She Is A Gaysian Icon

Towa Bird May Not Be An American Hero, But She Is A Gaysian Icon

You may already be familiar with the amazing artist Towa Bird if you’re always looking for new music on TikTok like we are! If you aren’t familiar with the queer indie artist who’s been putting out nothing but bangers, you’re about to be! We got the incredible opportunity to attend her recent press conference, where she talked about her recently released songs as well as her upcoming debut album, American Hero!

Her First Single, ‘Wild Heart’

Towa released ‘Wild Heart’ back in May, and it was absolutely love at first listen for us. She also explained that it’s about emotional growth and learning to respect others, as well as yourself, in a relationship. If that wasn’t cool enough, there is an incredible guitar solo. It’s sonically (and if we’re going by the music video) literally electrifying. But we wouldn’t expect anything less, considering her biggest influence is Jimi Hendrix.

Her Latest Single, ‘This Isn’t Me’

We’re absolutely in love with her latest single, ‘This Isn’t Me,’ which was inspired by her trip to Paris Fashion Week. She acknowledges it was an amazing opportunity, but she also felt extremely out of place, which is reflected in the lyrics. It was written the day after she came back to LA, by the way. Iconic. The music video was shot back in London (one of the places she considers home), and she also shot some of the footage herself! 

Discussing Her Upcoming Album

“Gay, fun, and vulnerable”

Towa Bird describing her upcoming album

The album focuses a lot on vulnerability, and many of the songs are inspired by her girlfriend. She said that the name itself is ironic because she’s not American nor fit the physical expectation of a hero (i.e., Captain America) being a half-Filipino, half-English woman.

We asked her three words that describe her upcoming album, American Hero, and she chose, “Gay, fun, and vulnerable.” Needless to say, we are so excited to hear the full album, especially the closing track, ‘A Party,’ which she said was her favorite.

Ready To See Her Live?

We definitely are! Be sure to get tickets so you can see her on Renee Rapp‘s headlining tour this fall with Alexander 23!

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