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The Academic Is Sitting Pretty High On Our All-Time Faves List

The Academic Is Sitting Pretty High On Our All-Time Faves List

The Academic have continuously shown us how to look at life on the bright side. Describing themselves as a “glass half full” kind of band, they’re helping us deflect and reflect all at once while we dance and cry simultaneously. We were lucky enough to hang out at their recent press conference, where we chatted to The Academic, listened to some sneak peeks of the album, and got their inside scoop on the record, its meaning, and the beauty within! And, of course, we’ve come to share all of that with you honeybees! You know we don’t gatekeep here at THP.

Sitting Pretty is an album that talks about what it’s like to be alive and in your 20s. All the ups and downs and moments where you think it might actually be falling apart for good. With songs like ‘My Very Best’ that talk about just wanting to be enough. Or, ‘Homesick,’ which is about the part of heartbreak where you just miss the person who was your home. This album serves as a reminder of the masterful lyricism and immaculate musicianship that The Academic has to offer.

Sitting Pretty has just dropped! Stream it right now, here, and add it to all your playlists!

Reasons To Keep ‘Pushing Up Daises’

When talking about the new album and what it means for them as a band, they said this is an album they’ve never done before, both in its theme and music. Which, of course, prompted the question of what the energy of this record is. Their lead singer, Craig, popped in, saying it’s “a free-spirited album,” while guitarist Matt went with “rawness and spontaneity.” And then, bassist Stephen added, “embracing everyday life.” So basically, live in the moment, remember everything is special and one-of-a-kind, and blast this while you do it!

It’s a free-spirited album

Craig Fitzgerald

‘Homesick’ serves as the entire band’s favorite song on the record, even though ‘My Very Best’ is “at the top of the food chain” for songs with a similar vulnerable and honest vibe, according to lead singer Craig. ‘Homesick’ takes the cake for the band, however, and the bulk of the reason is within the track’s musical style. The heavy reverb and bold/powerful energy of the track, paired with the emotionally vulnerable lyricism, make it the moment for the band on this record. We might be ‘Rain Keeps Falling’ stans, but we can’t deny that we have to agree with them on that one!

It’s All About The Vibes

The boys each gave three words to describe the band’s sound on this record. Craig said, “emotional, up, and down.” Matt picked “earnest, honest, and grown-up.” Stephen chose “mature, pensive, and neurotic.” And Dean said “thoughtful, electric, and developed.” We beyond agree with all of these picks, by the way! If we had to pick three words to describe how we feel about The Academic, we would choose altruistic, admiration, and pride.

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Mature, pensive, and neurotic.

Stephen Murtagh

The Academic is touring across the UK/EU this Spring in Glasgow, with a North American tour starting on April 9th, and ‘Sitting Pretty’ will be ours on February 10th. We have nothing but reasons to smile, thanks to The Academic! So, what’s your favorite single from Sitting Pretty so far? Ours is ‘Homesick,’ we said this band had taste okay, so obviously, our answers align! Let us know your picks in the comments below! Or let us know by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or let us know on Instagram or Facebook.


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