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Let’s Have A ‘Real Talk’ About Alexis Lynn Lyrics, ‘Cause She Makes Us Really Happy

Let’s Have A ‘Real Talk’ About Alexis Lynn Lyrics, ‘Cause She Makes Us Really Happy

We got a well-deserved talk about Alexis Lynn’s single ‘Something To Prove,’ but we just couldn’t get over it! So today, we are going to have a ‘Real Talk’ on why we love her so much here at THP, sharing with you our favorite lines of the song.


Alexis Lynn is a strong and fearless woman making her own way in the music industry while also discovering herself and dealing with love and life, and all of their complexities.

Nevertheless, she poured all of her courage and talent into creating an amazing masterpiece that simply can’t pass by our playlist.

Now, we are going to dive into our favorite lyrics. Let’s go!

‘Something To Prove’

She’s weightless like water
He’s heavy on my mind
She knows without asking
He wouldn’t guess I’ve cried
I’m tryna love her I know that he’s not right

I’m still searching for pride.”

Love might be one of the most complicated things to explain, sing, or even feel, and this song got us on the floor reflecting on bisexuality, discovering yourself, and loving openly.

Make U Happy

It’s not healthy
For me to try to fix you
Even though I wanna make it alright

Could give you all my love
But that won’t be enough

Can’t apologize for something that you can’t control.”

We all have been trapped in a toxic relationship of some sort, and not necessarily a couple, but that type of relationship where you just give everything out of yourself, but the other person isn’t interested. It’s feeling that you just can’t stay, but also it’s hard to leave. That’s what makes this song so relatable. (We know, it’s an incredible masterpiece.)

Fall Apart

Lose myself and crash and burn
I’m always everyone’s rock
But where do I go when I’m lost

Burn me like a cigarette
Hold me till there’s nothin’ left

Maybe one of the scariest places on Earth is living just in us, our own minds. It reminds us of those times in life when you feel that you are pushing everyone away from you because you don’t know how to handle your own thoughts. It can be hard to try to feel something when you are just breathing without living.


All my pride and my problems that I hide underneath the sheets
When I’m alone they just keep reappearing
Getting killed all along by my old insecurities

I can tell that you’re lonely
Maybe we can both be ghosts?

Finding a soulmate when you feel so alone and vulnerable might be dangerous, difficult, and painful. When all your insecurities are trapped in your reflection, going out into the real world feels unreal, and even more if you are in front of someone that seems to be in the same spot as you. In this song, we love the exploration of love unacknowledged in a relationship.

I Can’t Relate

Don’t stay cause you’re scared
There’s good ones out there
You know it’s not fair

See Also

Only say that
Cause I care

Red flags. We have all seen a friend in a toxic relationship where they can’t get out because they do not know how to, feeling their partner is the only one. It is hard to see, but especially hard to live it, and this song basically gives that reality check. We should all be able to feel love in a free way, and we hope this song gets to everyone that needs to hear it.


It’s not the first time we’ve ended up crying and closing with tissues by our side, but it’s not our fault. These artists are just so perfect that they make us cry.

As you saw, this woman is just another level! She is a proud feminist and mental health advocate, and that makes us feel hopeful for the future of music.

As fans of hers, we can’t wait for more releases, but in the meantime, come and cry with us on Twitter @thehoneypop, or share a story on your Instagram with your new favorite song by Alexis Lynn, or just stay tuned to our Facebook.

We always have cool things for you, and promise, we are not always crying!

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