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‘Trust Yourself’ And Add Balming Tiger’s New Drop To Your Playlist Now!

‘Trust Yourself’ And Add Balming Tiger’s New Drop To Your Playlist Now!

There is no one way to describe these guys, but if alternative, chaotic, cool, and different could be summed up into two words, it definitely would be Balming Tiger and their music.

Welcome back to You Didn’t Know Them, But Now You Love Them, presented by THP! This time, we need to tell you all about Balming Tiger and give them a warm welcome to your playlist. You are going to love them!

We know you might have heard the name before, and yes, these geniuses’ minds are the ones behind ‘SEXY NUKIM,’ the award-nominated collab with BTS’ RM. If you have heard the song, you have noticed that they are not a common K-pop group. They are definitely a whole new kind of group in the music world.

While we listen to this amazing track, let us tell you a bit more about these artists and their new single, Trust Yourself,’ which was released a couple of weeks ago.

‘Trust Yourself’

Definitely, we could stay all day talking about more reasons why this alternative group deserves all the attention, but today particularly, we are here to talk about their latest single.

This song is a comfort to minds heavy with prejudices, difficult situations, and exhaustion. It is a breath of fresh air, breathing life into music.

“Don’t get caught up in your freakin’ mind
See outside, in the moment we all passin’ time
Baby cry, it’s okay to not be alright
Listen to me, listen to me, you are gonna be alright”

Plus, it comes with a video that is just iconic. Altogether it’s a masterpiece!

The Group

Commonly in K-pop, we see the main talented performers on stage, and that’s basically the group, but not in this case. These boys are a family full of alternative talents. They have vocals, a rap line, songwriters, video producers, and so much more.

The group is made up of San Yawn, Omega Sapien, DJ Abyss, Jan’Qui, Leesuho, Sogumm, Wnjn, Mudd the Student, and Henson, and they have been making music since 2018. 

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Beyond every boundary, this group is sculpting their new look and style and creating a new view of K-pop. Music has no limits, and Balming Tiger is making a change in the music scene.

K-pop will keep on growing, but Balming Tiger is here to stay and break records! We know that as this group starts going international, more unique alternative projects will be able to thrive in K-pop.

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Stay tuned here because we always have cool things for you!


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