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ARMY Solidify Their Love And Dedication For BTS With #MatchABillion For UNICEF

ARMY Solidify Their Love And Dedication For BTS With #MatchABillion For UNICEF

If there’s one thing about BTS ARMY that’s just common knowledge it’s their dedication. It’s just been announced that BTS is renewing their contract ahead of its return in 2025, and BIGHIT MUSIC donated 1 billion KRW to the LOVE MYSELF campaign partnership between BTS and UNICEF in their honor. ARMY saw this and took it as an incentive to repeat history and match the billion. We have real admiration, honestly.

If this sounds like a familiar story to you, that’s because back in 2020, BTS donated $1 Million USD to the Black Lives Matter movement, and within a day, ARMY managed to match that million. Now the fandom has set their sights on a bigger goal, with OneInAnARMY piloting the project. Created back in 2018, the non-profit organization created by ARMY themselves has raised massive amounts of money for charities and NGOs across the world. After hearing the news of the donation in honor of BTS’s contract renewal, a number of ARMY contacted OneInAnARMY in hopes of being able to do something from the fandom’s side, with the #MatchABillion idea being born.

Speaking about the fundraiser, OneInAnARMY shared with us: “One In An ARMY proudly stood alongside ARMY when they envisioned matching BigHit Music and BTS’s ₩1B donation to UNICEF, celebrating the renewal of their contracts.”

“The indomitable spirit of BTS ignites our passion for philanthropy. We’re inspired by their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, not just in music but in the world. ARMY and OIAA are honored to stand together in turning compassion into action, mirroring their dedication to positive change.”

What’s even more admirable is that ARMY also are very aware that the financial situation is different for every person. But in order to let everyone play their part, some ARMY are willing to donate on behalf of those who are unable to contribute financially, with many asking for streams in exchange for a donation.

In order to donate, fans must go to the UNICEF donation page, donate their chosen amount, screenshot their receipt, and add their social media handle as a form of “watermarking” their proof and blocking out any personal information. They then go to the OneInAnARMY donation tracking form, where they record their donation in order for it to be officially counted as part of the donation organized by ARMY.

The LOVE MYSELF campaign was launched back in 2017 by BTS and the Korean Committee for UNICEF, affiliated with the United Nations, in an attempt to sponsor a campaign called #ENDviolence, UNICEF’s global campaign aimed at ensuring children and teens in the world lead safe and healthy lives without the fear of violence. Funds raised through this official campaign designed and participated in by BTS members are used to protect and support children and teenage victims of domestic and school violence as well as sexual assault around the world, in addition to providing education to local communities for violence prevention.

BTS marked the fifth anniversary of the campaign last November with a video talking about how much the campaign truly means to them.

Over the past five years, the LOVE MYSELF campaign’s message has permeated our lives like background music,” leader RM shares in the video. 

I’m delighted and proud that our LOVE MYSELF message comes to many people’s minds in their daily lives,” SUGA adds. “But at the same time, I’m afraid there might be people who still don’t know how to love themselves.

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j-hope goes on to encourage: “Please look around you. If you find anyone who needs the strength to love themselves, please reach out first. Please teach them how to love themselves, and give them the energy of hope.” We truly stan the right people!

Have you participated in #MatchABillion? How will you be celebrating BTS’s contract renewal? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

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