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Celebrate Jungkook’s New Remixes By Revisiting These BTS Revamped Tracks

Celebrate Jungkook’s New Remixes By Revisiting These BTS Revamped Tracks

Have you recovered from ‘Seven’ and ‘3D’ yet? We know we haven’t! And, of course, Jungkook keeps ARMY spoiled, as he’s just released two new remixes of two of 2023’s biggest hits!

We’ve been blessed with David Guetta’s take on Billboard number one ‘Seven’ and MK’s remix of smash collab ‘3D.’ Listening to these two new releases got us thinking… BTS really has gifted us with some iconic revamped versions of their tracks over the years. From remixes to band versions to Pedal 2 LA mixes (though we’re still not sure exactly what that means), we love these extra treats from Bangtan. And because we got to reminiscing, here are some of our favorite revamped BTS tracks!

‘Fake Love (Rocking Vibe Mix)’

Where else could we have possibly begun? We’d argue that this is not only one of the best BTS remixes but the best one. ‘Fake Love’ lends itself to this rock style so well, and now it always reminds us of the live version at PERMISSION TO DANCE: ON STAGE.

‘Dynamite (Tropical Remix)’

There were quite a few ‘Dynamite’ remixes we could’ve chosen, but obviously, we had to go tropical! Every version is so good, but this one will always be elite-tier in our eyes, thanks to the live performances at SOWOOZOO and Hobipalooza.

‘Seven (feat. Latto) – David Guetta Remix’

The first of the two new Jungkook remixes! Just when we thought ‘Seven’ might release its grip on us! Now, it’s had the magic touch from icon David Guetta, and we’ll be as obsessed with this song in the fall as we were in the summer.

‘My Universe (SUGA’s Remix)’

BTS and Coldplay’s collab was a cultural reset! And then ‘My Universe’ got the ‘Prod. SUGA‘ remix and managed to get even better. We love how much the beat swings in this one! This collab was such a fun time to be ARMY, and we can’t believe we’re this nostalgic about something from only two years ago.

‘Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)’

Come on, let us have this, alright? We know it was a single, but technically, it was a remix, too! ‘Mic Drop’ was an era that saw BTS manifest a new level of success. “How you dare?” No BTS, how do you dare to make a song this iconic?

‘3D (feat. Jack Harlow) – MK Remix’

And here’s the second of Jungkook’s new remixes! MK’s version of ‘3D’ will get you hyped from the very start! And with these two releases, we’re starting to wonder what remixes GOLDEN’s title track ‘Standing Next To You’ might get…

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