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7 Performances That Prove Jungkook Is The GOLDEN Maknae, Ahead Of His Debut Album

7 Performances That Prove Jungkook Is The GOLDEN Maknae, Ahead Of His Debut Album

We can’t believe the day has actually come: JJK1 has a name! Jungkook has announced his solo debut album, GOLDEN, and we can’t believe our luck. We’ve been waiting for this day since long before ‘Seven’ and ‘3D,’ and now it’s finally here! JK will release his 11-track (eleven!) album on November 3rd!

GOLDEN is probably a title that is as familiar to Jungkook as his name is! He’s the golden maknae of pop icons BTS, meaning he’s the youngest member, but despite this, he is an incredibly talented all-rounder with skills in vocals, dance, and rap (and visuals *cough*). Golden Closet Film is also the name JK uses for his self-produced artistic vlogs, mostly of BTS’ travels throughout 2017 and 2018. He even once wrote a poem called ‘Golden’ on Run BTS. Do we need to go on?

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On Weverse Live, JK said that one of the reasons he gave the album this name is because he’s currently living through a “golden time” (translation credit to @miiniyoongs on Twitter). We’re so happy to see the members individually flourishing in chapter two!

GOLDEN is a title that JK has more than earned, and we love that he is claiming it like this! Because we love to revel in BTS’ success, and we need something to keep us occupied until November 3rd rolls around, we’ve got some of the performances that we think showcase Jungkook’s golden maknae talent!

‘3D (Feat. Jack Harlow)’ Official Live Performance

‘3D’ seems like a pretty good place to start, right? Jungkook is famed for his work ethic, and he’s proving it by continuing to learn and experiment through his solo singles. The vocals in this live version are to die for, and TBH, we might even like this more than the original.

‘ON’ Fancam At Music Bank 200306

2020 was the year that Jungkook really leveled up and became even more astonishing to witness. There is truly something in that 23rd birthday curse, we’re telling you! ‘ON’ is an era we truly adore, and who doesn’t love the bridge in this song?

‘Euphoria’ At 2018 KBS Song Festival

Speaking of bridges, who are ARMY without ‘Euphoria?’ While we adore the tour performance of this where JK soars through the air across stadiums, we can’t get over the footwork in the flightless version! ‘Euphoria’ is one of our favorite examples of how BTS and ARMY show their love for one another, thanks to ARMY creating their own fanchant for the song, and even better is the video of Jungkook discovering what ARMYs are chanting on the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Europe Tour DVD.

안녕하세요. 저는 방탄소년단 황금막내 전정국 입니다 / Hello, I’m Jeon Jungkook, the golden youngest member of BTS.

‘Rainism’ At 2016 Gayo Daejaejeon

We don’t think ARMY would ever forgive us if we didn’t put ‘Rainism’ on this list, and they’d be right not to. In our opinion, BTS don’t get enough credit for their covers (we’re looking at you, ‘Come Back Home’), but we’re obsessed with the fact that this one has a whopping 79 million views. Million.

‘Dionysus’ At 2019 MMAs

Honestly, you should watch this fancam, but we’re never gonna miss a chance to tell you to watch the whole 37-minute performance too. In this one, you can see not only Jungkook’s but all of BTS’ attention to detail. They’re all perfectionists, and it pays off!

‘We Are Bulletproof PT.2′ At BTS’ Debut Showcase

Sorry, this one might sting a little. How often does the youngest member of a debuting idol group get a dance solo (including props!), as well as helping to lead the team as the main vocalist? Not very often! But the ‘We Are Bulletproof PT.2’ choreo is a great example of how much faith the other members of BTS have had in Jungkook and his golden maknae talents since literally day one.

‘IDOL’ At 2019 Lotte Family Concert

We don’t think we could ever coherently explain how we feel about 190811 Jungkook, and neither could most other ARMY, to be fair. It’s one of BTS’ most beloved performances, and there was truly just something different in the air that day. In fact, don’t just watch this performance of ‘IDOL,’ but go ahead and watch all of the tracks they performed that day.

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Want more Jungkook in your life? (Relatable). Luckily, BIGHIT has shared the promotion schedule for GOLDEN, and Jungkook will be keeping us busy all through October! Plus, those “coming soon” dates are already giving us sleepless nights.

  • Concept Photo – 5th-7th October, 11 am ET
  • KBS2 Music Bank Appearance – 13th October
  • Tracklist – 15th October, 11 am ET
  • Main Track Poster – 16th October, 11 am ET
  • GOLDEN The Tracks – 20th-29th October, 11 am ET
  • GOLDEN Preview – 30th October, 11 am ET
  • Main Track Official MV Teaser – 1st November, 11 am ET
  • Main Track Official MV – 3rd November, 0 am ET
  • Coming Soon – 6th November
  • Coming Soon – 8th November
  • Coming Soon – 16th November
  • Coming Soon – 20th November

GOLDEN will have three different concepts – Shine, Solid, and Substance – and you can preorder your copy right here!

What are your predictions for GOLDEN? Do you have a favorite JK performance we left off this list, and you need to remind us so we can rewatch it? Let us know on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

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