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Let’s Explore The Three D’s Of Jungkook As We Wait For His New Single ‘3D’

Let’s Explore The Three D’s Of Jungkook As We Wait For His New Single ‘3D’

After a super successful summer with his hit debut single, ‘Seven,’ Jungkook is back with a brand new single, ‘3D!’ After performing at the Global Citizen Festival on Saturday, 23rd September, the Golden Maknae of BTS ended his set with a teaser for his new single before shortly after officially announcing it via WeLive.

Featuring rapper Jack Harlow, the single is said to be an R&B pop track that takes a scintillating use of three dimensions to express the yearning to want to be with someone. ‘3D’ just two months after the successful debut single ‘Seven’ which earned the star the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as No.3 on the UK Official Chart. It also earned a spot on THP’s very own Summer Soundtrack!

Let's Explore The Three D's Of Jungkook As We Wait For His New Single '3D'
Image Source: Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

The solo project is one of seven by each member of BTS as they take time out for their mandatory military service. It was just announced that all seven members will be renewing their contract with BIGHIT beyond 2025, meaning we have so many more years to come! In the meantime, we’re thoroughly enjoying getting to see each member show off their individual talents and personal tastes as we wait for them to reunite in two years’ time.

While we wait for ‘3D’ to release, we’re taking a look at the three D’s that make up the legend that is Jeon Jungkook.


Jungkook is, without a doubt, one of the most dedicated people. Everything he does, he puts in 110% effort. Even when it came to his hobby of recording and editing videos for his Golden Closet Films, he put in so much time and effort despite already having a pretty heavy schedule as a member of BTS. Another example would be his dedication to ARMY. Being a multi-award-winning, history-making musician, you’d forgive him if he went completely off the radar in between work schedules for some downtime.

And sure, he does take some time away to disconnect and be human, but his dedication to ARMY often finds him missing us and turning on a WeLive to come and chat with us late at night just to chat as if we’re besties on FaceTime (and in our heads, that’s exactly what we are!) He just logs on and spends time with us, dedicating his free time to just being connected with ARMY. Everything he does, he gives it his all, you’ll never catch him slacking!

Dance King

@jungkook dc:@Jean-Victor #fyp #dance #gcf ♬ Who Told You (feat. Drake) – J Hus

Jungkook’s dance skills are impeccable. He’s been dancing since he was a kid, and his many talents are what led to several entertainment companies wanting to sign him and what led to him eventually joining BTS. He’s part of the dance line of the group, and his efforts really pay off when you watch him perform. From group performances to solo performances to the 3J dances and even dance covers, he’s is just so satisfying to watch! Lately, he’s taken to TikTok to take up dance challenges and has been truly showcasing his talent. We wish that we could move like him! We cannot wait to see what Jungkook delivers with ‘3D.’

Down To Earth

It’s no secret that BTS is one of the biggest acts in the history of music. They’ve certainly made their mark in both the K-POP and international music worlds. You often hear about people with big presence as celebrities gaining an ego or separating themselves from the rest, but not these boys. Raised by his fellow members for over half its life, they’ve certainly managed to keep Jungkook level-headed, and together they have managed to stay pretty humble. It’s pretty common to see JK delighted with the simplest of things, from really good food to watching a good movie. We adore how he finds joy in life’s riches instead of just rich luxuries.

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‘3D’ by Jungkook featuring Jack Harlow is out September 29th

Are you excited for ‘3D?’ What do you think it’ll sound like? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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