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These Lyrics From Jungkook’s Debut Album Are Pure Golden

These Lyrics From Jungkook’s Debut Album Are Pure Golden

ARMY! The day is finally here: Jungkook has released his debut album, Golden, and we are truly ecstatic! Paying tribute to the loving nickname given to him by his fellow BTS members, “Golden Maknae” (meaning “Golden Youngest” in Korean), the title truly fits this album because it is nothing short of golden. The 11-track record truly encapsulates the superstar’s talents and abilities with a wide span of genres and full commitment to the album’s entire process.

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And adding to the theme of golden, Jungkook enlisted some star-studded names to work on his album, with Ed Sheeran on guitar for ‘Yes Or No,’ Shawn Mendes co-writing ‘Hate You,’ and both Major Lazer and DJ Snake joining Latto and Jack Harlow as the features. Absolute top tier!

The album chronicles a relationship’s timeline, starting with the highs, the plateau, and the heartbreak as it comes to an end. A true emotional rollercoaster! After having listened a few (read: many) times, we’ve pinpointed some of the golden lyrics from the album and have decided to share them with you.

‘3D’ ft Jack Harlow

Kicking off the album is the 2000s pop-infused R&B track ‘3D’ featuring Jack Harlow. The second single from the album has already earned Jungkook (even more) international success, peaking at number five on the UK Singles Chart and US Billboard Hot 100, respectively. We can’t help but bask in the nostalgic glow from the song that simply goes hand in hand with the world’s obsession with Y2K right now!

Golden lyric: “So if you’re ready // and if you’ll let me // I wanna see it, in motion, in 3D”

To us, this lyric is so sexy because of the consentful line “if you’ll let me.” For so long, we’ve heard sexy songs sing about fantasies but rarely heard lyrics normalizing consent. Jungkook does it so easily, and it just makes us love him even more!

‘Closer To You’ ft Major Lazer

This electro-pop bop is in collaboration with Major Lazer and is entwined with rhythmic reggaeton and Jungkook’s sultry whisper-like vocals. This song is full of heat and really feels like the essence of dancing close together in the club, with the passion building up with the hip-swaying beats.

Golden lyric: “I’ll love you when you’re barely holdin’ on // Lightin’ up the darkness // I can be a shoulder when you’re not strong”

The thought of someone willing to love you even when you’re not at your best and just going through it is just such a confidence boost and makes you really feel loved. It’s when you’ve passed the stage of lust and know that you’re in it for keeps.

‘SEVEN’ ft Latto

Track three is a solid contender for ‘Song Of The Year,’ Jungkook’s smash hit debut single ‘Seven’ featuring Latto. the UK garage-inspired track has been receiving an outpour of love with continuous success since it dropped back in the summer. In addition to winning several music shows in South Korea, it topped the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart. It’s also the fastest song in history to achieve a billion streams, taking only 108 days. Not bad, right?

Golden lyric: “Weight of the world on your shoulder // I’ll kiss your waist and ease your mind”

This lyric truly has our heart. Much like the lyric from ‘Closer To You,’ this lyric sees Jungkook follow through with his promises and willing to help you escape the hardships of reality.

‘Standing Next To You’

‘Standing Next To You’ is the title track of the album, and the latest single from Golden is a funk-fuelled retro anthem that has some inspiration from Michael Jackson. The groovy single with a touch of disco is a big number that really encapsulates the feeling of falling in love and being in a good place in a relationship.

Golden lyric: “You know it’s deeper than the rain // It’s deeper than the pain // when it’s deep like DNA”

We just love Jungkook promising the capacity of how deep his love is to someone, all while sneaking in a BTS reference. Don’t believe it’s not a coincidence? Watch the music video again, and look out for the move he does during this line!

‘Yes or No’

The swoon-fest ‘Yes Or No’ features Ed Sheeran on guitar, with the layered harmonies really showcasing Jungkook’s strong vocal abilities. The beats in the background feel reminiscent of early 2000s edgier pop songs typically penned by worldwide heartthrobs, so it really fits Jungkook, right?

Golden lyrics: “Everybody in this club so faded, I’m trippin’ over getting lost on you”

We just love the reference to how love is as intoxicating and addictive as a drug because it’s definitely a phase that many people go through. Also, imagine having someone admit that they have that feeling about you. We’d never shut up about it, especially if Jungkook were the one admitting it!

‘Please Don’t Change’ ft DJ Snake

‘Please Don’t Change’ is a tropical EDM track that seems to be the changing point for the album, the dark clouds beginning to form before the storm hits. This is a simple but effective number, and while there are not many lyrics, it still really shows off Jungkook’s dynamic vocal skills. Plus, it’s a great dance number… will we get a TikTok challenge from the golden maknae in the near future to this song?

Golden lyric: “Even if your stars align and you’re light years away, I’ll be the same”

This lyric really hit for us because it’s affirming that no matter where his lover may be or go, Jungkook vows he will still be the same and still be him. Our hearts!

‘Hate You’

This is the real tear-jerker track of the album. Penned by Shawn Mendes, this soft ballad really hits us right in the feels, and Jungkook’s harmonies really give us that lump in our throat. Perhaps us wishing the track was longer is a little sadistic of us, but it just hurts so good!

Golden lyric: “Maybe hating you is the only way it doesn’t hurt” 

Oh, this lyric hit us hard. Being so in love with someone that it kills you inside when you’ve broken up that hate is the only thing you can replace that love with? Ouch.


‘Somebody’ really shows off Jungkook’s lower register, which we don’t hear that often these days, so this song is a real treat for all ARMY. His ghostly vocals and layered bass beats really make this R&B song excel and give us chills.

Golden lyric: “We both know, say it again, say it again // Like oh, oh // It’s time to let go”

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That moment when you know when it’s time to let go of one another and really move on is a hard-hitting realization that reality is setting in, and you can’t keep holding on anymore. This lyric acknowledges that and is truly bittersweet.

‘Too Sad To Dance’

‘Too Sad To Dance’ is definitely one of our favorite tracks on the album and reminds us of the cool R&B meets pop tracks that proved popular in the mid-2010s. We won’t lie; we were a little surprised that Ed Sheeran wasn’t part of this track since it feels familiar to some of the big hits penned by him, but it’s actually by David Stewart, who is responsible for the global smash hit BTS song ‘Dynamite’ amongst other bangers. No wonder this is a fan favorite! This song truly encapsulates that moment of heartbreak and coming to terms that you have broken up.

Golden lyric: “Last week I found a message in a bottle // it said go home ain’t nobody love you no more // I can’t disagree”

We love how it compares the message in a bottle found on the beach to drinking alcohol, which makes him realize the hard truth that the relationship is over.

‘Shot Glass Of Tears’

The penultimate track of the album (closing with the clean version of ‘SEVEN’) is the somber aftermath of the relationship and sees Jungkook comforting himself, trying to come to terms with everything, and questioning himself, wondering if he’ll ever be okay again and dealing with the pain of having loved and lost. It’s a soft and stripped-back number that really hones in on his resounding vocals.

Golden lyric: “She’s got dangerous hobbies // Like chasing after the sun and making me fall in love”

Jungkook referring to falling in love with this person as dangerous really sums up the experience of the relationship in question. It hits us deep in our emotions, and we need to go lie down and cry now.

Golden is a strong debut for Jungkook. The eclectic and versatility of the album truly showcases Jungkook being a man of many talents and how he can pretty much deliver any genre you want. It chronicles the story of a relationship beautifully, capturing the intense emotions. of the highs and lows. A true skip-free record.

Jungkook’s eagerness to transcend music genres and become an international pop sensation is promising, and this album will definitely help propel him to that status. We know BTS will always be a priority for him, but until their reunion in 2025, we think the golden maknae will ace making a name for himself both as a member of the biggest group on the planet and as a soloist, and we could not be more proud!

Golden is out now

Which song from Jungkook’s Golden is your favorite? What’s your favorite lyric? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram or come join The Hive!

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