Shawn Mendes: In Wonder Puts Shawn in A Different League

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder Puts Shawn in A Different League

Shawn Mendes has been on our radar for years now, from the stardom he found on social media to opening for Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour to now being what some may call a “prince of pop.” Despite the years of being fans, this new film coming to Netflix Shawn Mendes: In Wonder makes us feel the most connected to Shawn we’ve ever felt. Why? It’s real. The title is based on his song ‘Wonder’ and delves into the wonder that is Shawn Mendes.

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One thing we appreciate is when an artist completely tears down their walls, which is perfectly executed in this body of work. We see his highest highs while running through a crowd of people that love him and then his lowest lows taking a moment to cry and be vulnerable.

We get to see Shawn fall in love and realize all he’s been doing is writing songs about Camila. Seeing young love blossom and go through the trials and tribulations but still conquer was beautiful and made for one of our favorite parts of Shawn Mendes: In Wonder.

Seeing how much Shawn truly loves what he’s doing was so endearing. It’s always a question as to if these artists are in it for the right reasons; it’s clear Shawn is. His passion and drive are so evident in Shawn Mendes: In Wonder from the first minute to the last.

It’s crazy yet so thrilling to see someone so young but so obviously bursting at the seams with as much talent as he has. There is something about Shawn Mendes: In Wonder that makes us feel like best friends even if we’ve never met him. It is a beautiful thing we as fans can bond over with each other and we can’t wait to check out Shawn’s album Wonder on December 4th.

Did you enjoy the film? Learn anything new? We would love to hear all your thoughts on Shawn Mendes: In Wonder, so feel free to tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or comment your thoughts down below!

Want to read more about Shawn? Check this out!


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