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The 10 Best Pop Culture Podcasts

The 10 Best Pop Culture Podcasts

Okay, so we can all agree that podcasts are one of the best mediums to enjoy entertainment, right? If not, we hope reading through this and checking out some of these podcasts converts you to the dark side. We have cookies… and, of course, the best content for you to explore. Find your next fix, and you can thank us later

Views Hosted By David Dobrik and Jason Nash

David Dobrik is basically YouTube royalty at this point, and where there is David Dobrik, you have to mention Jason Nash. The two of them host the Views podcast, which is full of inside information about the vlog squad and special guests from the friend group. Hearing the dynamic of someone a bit over middle age and then someone in their early twenties leads to some of our favorite conversations. Think of the different perspectives they could give you!

Curious hosted by Josh Peck

We know you all definitely remember Josh Peck from his hit show Drake and Josh— a truly iconic show. Diving into this podcast (or the pod as Josh calls it) will make you find this audio art form just as valuable as his Nickelodeon show. Some of our favorite guests include fellow YouTuber Jason Nash and Full House actor Dave Coulier. Josh is, as he says in the title, curious, and it makes for some intense and deep conversations.

Life is Short hosted by Justin Long

JJustin Long is a Hollywood great; it’s a fact, not opinion, period. Life is Short is co-hosted by Justin’s brother Christian for the first 15-ish minutes, and then the rest of the segment is Justin with the guest. Some of the funniest pieces of audio exist in his episode with Jonah Hill, and we recommend that episode to everyone. There’s a lot of interviews with people you already love and some you may not have discovered yet.

Unfiltered hosted by Zane and Heath

What can we say? The vlog squad just makes good podcasts! Best friends Zane and Heath are joined on the podcast Unfiltered by Heath’s girlfriend Mariah and their mutual friend Kenny. This podcast is one that will have you laughing non-stop and constantly wishing you were part of the group.

Showmance hosted by Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin Mchale

2020 has been the year of the Glee resurgence, and we’re not mad about it! This podcast has turned into an episode by episode rewatch along with cast and crew from the hit FOX TV show. The rewatch season starts with the show’s star Lea Michele and is now on hiatus following the passing of the incredible Glee star Naya Rivera earlier this year. It’s been a favorite binge podcast for gleeks during this rather awful year.

Office Ladies hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

As a society, can we just collectively agree that The Office is an all-time great show? Two of the leading ladies from the show, playing the roles of Pam and Angela, take us episode by episode through the hit show. This podcast just started on the fourth season of the show, with guests ranging from Rainn Wilson to John Krasinksi. This podcast is the perfect way to rewatch the show and pace yourself by doing an episode a week!

Hoot & a Half hosted by Matt King and Mike Sheffer

We have successfully put every vlog squad podcast on this list, as we should! Matt King is so curious and constantly willing to learn and grow. That makes for some of the most sincere conversations. His dynamic with Mike Sheffer is something that makes for really entertaining back and forth dialogue. The episode with Josh Peck is a favorite of ours, and we would definitely recommend giving this podcast a chance!

An Oral History of The Office hosted by Brian Baumgartner

Yes, including two of The Office podcasts was necessary. This podcast just feels like getting a warm hug from the cast and crew that is so beloved. You hear from almost every single member, including the man himself, Steve Carell. Each episode takes you through why The Office was so successful and why it means so much to people. There are only 12 episodes, but it’s guaranteed you’ll laugh and most definitely cry.

Armchair Expert hosted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman

Everyone who listens to podcasts is well aware that Armchair Expert is the blueprint! Dax and Monica have the best chemistry and can have heated conversations then say they love each other. We have enjoyed every episode, however, the Rainn Wilson and Ashton Kutcher episodes are some standouts.

See Also

The Honey Podcast hosted by Dani and Jodie

We couldn’t make a podcast list and not include our very own podcast! Every episode is full of fangirling and all the pop culture talk you could ever hope for. One of their latest episodes features an interview with fellow writer and YouTuber Steven Walker, which was such a delight to listen to! You’re not gonna want to miss it!


We would love to hear from you! Did we mention your favorite podcast? Do you have any recommendations we should check out? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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