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Seasons Change But Our Love For These Ed Sheeran Albums Never Does

Seasons Change But Our Love For These Ed Sheeran Albums Never Does

With Ed Sheeran’s newest album, Autumn Variations, on the way to streaming platforms, we can’t help but reflect on the seasons of the year that have passed, and those that have yet to come. We encourage you to listen to these Ed Sheeran albums during different seasons of the year!


Spring reminds us to be thankful for the year before, and to show gratitude for the year that is about to bloom. We often reflect on ourselves, our changes, and prepare for the new year of a new us. Released in 2021, = opens with Ed singing the lines “I have grown up, I’m a father now/Everything has changed, but I am still the same somehow.” He later goes on to sing “I wanna see the things that haven’t happened yet.”

The album explores Ed’s personal change and what he now sees as the most important values in his life, including friends, family, and time well spent for himself. You may even notice that there are butterfly wings on the album cover!🦋

Our favs from this album are ‘2Step,’ ‘Tides,’ and ‘Collide.’ Listen to = when you need a pick-me-up and reassurance for your bright future ahead! 


Summer is now here and Ed’s  ÷ encourages us to let loose, hold the ones we love close, and be free spirits in the shining sun. Throughout the entirety of this album, Ed seems to travel around the world and explore different musical sounds. He basically takes us on Summer vacay! With ‘Galway Girl’ we travel to the sprawling greens of Ireland and on ‘Barcelona’ we see the bustling streets of Spain. 

Summer is the time for new love and Ed certainly shares stories of magical first sparks of true love, but also heartbreak and grief. He sees old friends who are ‘Happier’ and asks himself ‘What Do I Know?’ but rejoices in the beauty of the simplicity of life in ‘Bibia Be Ye Ye.’

Every time we listen to this album, we can’t help but grab our friends and dance under the setting summer sun! 💙


As fall approaches very quickly, Ed invites us into a new phase of his life in Autumn Variations. Soon to be released on September 29, the album features 14 tracks of what we can only expect to be hits, obviously. This is Ed’s second album release of 2023, but we aren’t complaining! 

Last autumn, I found that my friends and I were going through so many life changes. After the heat of the summer, everything either calmed, settled, fell apart, came to a head or imploded…I wrote songs, some from their perspectives, some from mine, to capture how they and I viewed the world at that time. There were highs of falling in love and new friendships among lows of heartbreak, depression, loneliness and confusion.

Ed Sheeran on Autumn Vibrations

The album’s cover art is definitely getting us excited for fall 🍂! We can only assume that Ed’s release date was intentional, as fall coats and boots, changing leaves, a basket of vegetables, a warm hearth, two jugs of beer, a white dove, and more symbolic images grace the cover in black and white. We are looking forward to stepping into autumn with a new Ed Sheeran album at our heels. We mean, what more could we ask for?

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For wintertime, we suggest traveling back to 2011. From ‘Lego House’ to ‘The A Team,’ + is a classic Ed Sheeran album that most of us remember jamming to in middle school. Now that we are older, the album consists of our favorite slow jams that welcome a cozy winter in front of a fireplace with the one we love in our arms ❤️‍🔥. Ed even sings “It’s dark in a cold December, but I’ve got you to keep me warm.” He knows the vibes, for sure!

Our favs from this album are ‘The City’, ‘Grade 8’, and ‘Give Me Love.’ 

Image by Annie Leibovitz

Now that we have determined the perfect Ed Sheeran album for each season, it’s time to grab tickets to his upcoming tour, the + – = ÷ x TOUR. Throughout the fall season, Ed will be stopping at venues across North America to celebrate his past albums, and new ones to come. 

Which albums do you love to listen to during spring, summer, fall, and winter? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or commenting on our Instagram and Facebook pages 🐝


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