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Ed Sheeran’s Newest Release, ‘=‘ (Tour Edition), Is Giving us The ‘Shivers’

Ed Sheeran’s Newest Release, ‘=‘ (Tour Edition), Is Giving us The ‘Shivers’

One thing about Ed Sheeran that anyone who has been to a show of his can attest to is that live shows are the best way to experience Ed Sheeran. Ed has a voice that fills a stadium effortlessly, and he has a discography with songs to fit every mood, which works divinely in a stadium setting. As Ed Sheeran’s latest gift to us, Ed released ‘=’ (Tour Edition), so that we can experience the arrangements of songs off of ‘=’ that we love, exactly how they were played on tour. This will be our remedy for the sadness we feel knowing we missed out on Ed’s current tour.

Now that we’ve sat with the record for a few days, it seems like the appropriate time to tell you guys our top five on ‘=‘ (Tour Edition).

Listen to ‘=‘ (Tour Edition) here!

‘Bad Habits’

Bad Habits’ has not left our constant rotation since its release. We can only imagine what an unmatched feeling it is to be on the floor at an Ed Sheeran show, with ‘Bad Habits’ playing, and dancing around with friends. That sounds like the perfect night in our books.


Shivers’ is such a damn catchy track. And this live arrangement? Oh, it’s only amplified what an absolute banger ‘Shivers’ is. Songs like ‘Shivers’ feel designed to play live in the largest venues, and Ed Sheeran completely understands that. Larger than life, and meant to be screamed at obscene volumes.

‘The Joker And The Queen’ ft. Taylor Swift

Come on, we are always going to find a way to include Taylor Swift if the opportunity is upon us. ‘The Joker And The Queen’ is the older sibling of ‘Everything Has Changed,’ even including the kids, all grown up, from the original music video. We can’t help but name this reimagined version of ‘The Joker And The Queen’ as a high point on ‘=’ (Tour Edition). Ed Sheeran, we thank you endlessly for this collab.


‘Penguins’ highlights one of Ed Sheeran’s biggest strengths. Ed’s soft, beautiful voice, and his relationship with his pen, are unmatched. Come on, the line “Broken hearts can find a love to make them whole anywhere”?? Who writes that?? The absolute genius that is Ed Sheeran, thank god he put ‘Penguins’ on ‘=’ (Tour Edition).


‘Sandman’ is a beautiful love letter to the child of Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry, it warms our hearts. We can imagine that ‘Sandman’ is quite a special moment in the show, especially for anyone who attends the show with a parent. What an incredible audible gift for when Ed’s kid is old enough to appreciate this track.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of ‘=’ (Tour Edition)? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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