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Reneé Rapp Merchandise To Entice Your Family Members To Tune Into Angel Hour Radio

Reneé Rapp Merchandise To Entice Your Family Members To Tune Into Angel Hour Radio

Over ethereal whistling presumably coming out of a flute, Reneé Rapp starts ‘I Wish’ off by convincing herself not to cry. “No tears,” she sings. At least that’s what we think she’s saying, as one has to really train their ear to hear her barely there whisper. However, when she does gain courage and those guitar strings come in, we understand why her saying something like that could make sense.

For one, it’s about her parents’ mortality. There’s always a moment—and you recognize it as the moment—when there’ll come a day when they can’t be reached over the telephone line. For her, it was when her grandfather on her father’s side died. She recounts where she was: downstairs. Even her father’s question, “He said, “How could the person who taught me to breathe Take their last breath not in front of me?” It steals track 10 on Snow Angel and is the conversation topic for episode three of Reneé’s Apple Music 1 segment, Angel Hour Radio.

Snow Angel Family

The song doesn’t spring up from nowhere, nor is it a call-in’s recommendation, as it plays for all to hear. Instead, it’s because her family joins her in the episode. At least some of them (her brother Charles is missing, for one). Her parents, Denise and Charlie, grandmother Ginger, grandfather, and Aunt Shirley do join her, though. For just under an hour, they dive into their family shenanigans, like how her grandmother continuously gets suspended from Twitter!

Now, it’s practically sorted that Reneé’s family would be one to put up flyers equipped with Apple Music barcodes in the neighborhood to support her. Yours, on the other hand? That’s our mission for the day. To continue on the family business per se, we’re allocating a piece of Reneé Rapp merchandise from her official store to a family member so it can go directly into your online cart and straight into a bowed gift box. The next time one of them melancholically sings ‘In The Kitchen’ when sharing their favorite snack, you’ll know to thank us!

Denise Rapp

When flicking through Reneé’s daily playlist, we’d most likely find ‘I Got It From My Mama’ by Not only is it a great mood lifter, but it’s her answer when someone asks where her musical talents came from. Her mother, Denise, could very well start a one-person orchestra. She knows how to play the clarinet, French horn, bells, and piano.

Okay, so maybe the closest musical ability your mother has is picking up the triangle. But we digress. Even if she has none, she’s still gotta love music, yeah? Therefore, this is the perfect gift: a signed Snow Angel CD. The vinyl version is already sold out in the American store.

Charlie Rapp

If Reneé’s dad were born in some laboratory where they were dishing out clones of Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy, then we wouldn’t be surprised! Nor would Reneé. At one point, they engage in a compliment battle, with her asking everyone in the room to say what they most love about him. He’s basically wholesome to a fault. One of these pure moments comes from his enthusing about bridges: “the bridge of ‘In The Kitchen,’ the bridge of ‘Snow Angel.’” He loves them so much that we’ll be taking one from his book and slow-dancing to it with someone special from here on in.

The Dial T-Shirt would be the perfect Reneé Rapp merchandise item for him and dads like him. Inspired by ‘Talk Too Much,’ it features Reneé in an oversized robe, platform boots, and hair pinned up in a bun stretched out over a leather bean chair. Next to her is a large telephone with squiggly lines coming out of it, ringing for her attention. However, she won’t answer it, and neither will they!

Image Source: Apple Music

Grandma Ginger

Grandmother Ginger has quite a personality. We mean that in the most loving sense, of course. So much so that we would’ve adopted her if you all hadn’t gone ahead and done it first! She stole the main character’s moment at a previous Atlanta show by taking a bow with her gifted bouquet. However, sometimes, she steps into the background to become the best support team, like at one of Reneé’s childhood talent shows. Already having the pipes of Journey, little seven-year-old Reneé Rapp belted out ‘Faithfully’ to an adoring crowd full of teachers and students alike. Grandmother Ginger contacted one of those teachers when Reneé went on Broadway to thank her!

We need something as stylish as your grandmother’s personality, and what’s better than the Snow Angel Tote Bag? Reneé’s face appears inverted on the minimalist fabric.

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Aunt Shirley

Finally, that leaves Aunt Shirley to join the Rapp family portrait. We’re departing from the frozen exteriors here by leaning away from the Snow Angel talk and venturing off to musicals. Reneé Rapp starred as Regina George in the Broadway musical for Mean Girls. She took over from their OG Regina Taylor Louderman. Starting on June 7, 2019, she scribbled in the burn book until the musical later closed in 2020 due to the pandemic. However, Aunt Shirley was there for one of those shows, and we would’ve done anything to borrow her seat!

Broadway is known for its playbills, which usually feature poster art for the musical. So, in ode to that, we’re pulling this Headline Poster from Reneé’s shop for your aunties.

Which family member are you buying Reneé Rapp merchandise for first? In this bee’s house, the pecking order goes grandmother first, so if we’re thinking smartly, if we sway her over to Reneé’s side, the rest will surely follow! Tweet us your strategy @thehoneypop. Maybe you need more help deciding? Listen to the Angel Hour Radio episode ‘Reneé’s Family!’ However, we’ll warn you that you’ll be there for an extra two hours as you binge on the previous eps, but it’ll be so worth it!


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