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Three ‘CHEERS’ For SEVENTEEN’s Leaders!

Three ‘CHEERS’ For SEVENTEEN’s Leaders!


Carats, we know you’ve been patiently waiting for a leader line comeback, and we’ve been doing the same. Yeah, we’ve totally been doing the same… No, we haven’t been constantly clowning ourselves with every comeback thinking there would be another track from this unit…

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So, if you don’t know who SEVENTEEN’s Leader Line is, well, it’s their main and Hip-Hop unit leader S.Coups, and Vocal and Performance Unit Leaders Woozi and Hoshi. The first and last Leader Line track we got was the very iconic ‘CHANGE UP,’ and since then, everyone has been anticipating another track. There were many spoilers leading up to the announcement and release. In fact, a Carat pointed out that not only did they do the part of the choreo for their Be The Sun concert, but also a TikTok for ‘HOT.’ They truly are the kings of spoilers. 


SEVENTEEN did have a hand in putting together the track, as they usually do. Both Woozi and Vernon had stepped into production with ‘CHEERS,’ and it’s very apparent. It has hints of both ‘ASH’ and Vernon‘s ‘BANDS BOY,’ especially with the sound and auto-tune. If we could describe Vernon’s sound, especially as of late, it sounds exactly like ‘CHEERS.’ We’re also loving the lyrics. We honestly really love when a group’s lyrics are all about showing off why they are where they are. Overall just gloating, especially if they deserve it and can back it up. We really loved the references to their old practice room, also dubbed the ‘melona room.’ Thanks to our Carats who explained this part of S.Coups’ rap, which we loved.

Another standout thing is the attention to detail in the MV. There were constant references to the 13th members, even when they weren’t in the video. As well as references to the MV for ‘CHANGE UP.’ You can check out the similarities by streaming both MVs 👀

And finally, we just wanna say that ‘CHEERS’ really makes us wanna shake some *ss. If you’ve seen the MV, you know which part we’re talking about. Hoshi really took a moment and shined, putting his all into the hip-popping, matching the energy of his fellow dancers!

Gif Source: Tenor

Did we expect this kind of release from SVT LEADERS? No! But it has really exceeded any expectation we had of a release from the unit. We love the beat, we love the lyrics, we love the fits, we love the choreo. Speaking of the choreo there is a dance challenge over on TikTok that fans have created, so go join in on the fun!

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