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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Serena Sun Talks Debut EP, Fashion, Music, And More!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Serena Sun Talks Debut EP, Fashion, Music, And More!

Hi there, Honey Poppers! We have another good one for you today. As you know, we are always in search of new artists to follow, love, and eventually, stan – Serena Sun is our newest obsession. The Vancouver-based electro and pop artist has stolen our ears and hearts. Honestly, her music and songs are so awe-inspiring, and the lyrics sometimes hit a bit close to home, yet they are so beautiful.

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If this doesn’t make you want to check out this girl’s music, we don’t know what will because the music should be more than enough. However, we got more for you as we got to chat with this big-brained person and got all the deets from the singer herself. Keep scrolling for more things Serena Sun!

Hi Serena, it’s a pleasure to get to talk to you! We have been obsessing over your new EP Shadows On The Ceiling. How does it feel to have a full EP under your name? What was the most memorable part of this journey?
Hi! Thank you so much for having me. Oh my goodness, it actually feels so good to have it out! I think the most memorable part was definitely at my EP release party; we sold out the venue, and I’m so grateful for the friends, friends of friends, and fans who came out to support us. Seeing people dance to the songs and having people connect with them in person was just such a rewarding way to celebrate my first EP.

We have had a couple of songs from your EP on repeat. Especially ‘Body’ and ‘It’s Gonna End’ have had us bawling our eyes out. How hard is it to write such raw and emotional music? Where does your inspiration come from?
Well, first of all, thank you so much for listening! I honestly feel like it’s second nature for me to write songs that are deeply emotional. I’ve always loved listening to songs that tell a story of what the artist is going through, so I try my best to describe my experiences truthfully; I know others who have gone through similar experiences will connect with the lyrics and the vibe. I am really inspired by life itself and capturing the emotions that come from being in different situations.

You are very open about your traumas, and having moved around a lot has left you feeling uprooted and trying to find yourself. We can relate to those feelings quite a lot. Where do you find your strength? How do you stay positive, or what makes you feel grounded?
Thanks for relating. I definitely feel a sense of strength when I’m connected spiritually with God. When I am aware and thinking about a divine presence guiding me throughout my life, I feel a lot more peace. When I forget that, I feel a lot more lost, frantic, and anxious in general. I definitely am not always positive and grounded, but I try to get back to that state by reading, taking walks, talking to my therapist, and journaling.

Your single ‘Breadcrumbs’ was also a pretty relatable song to us. Mixed signals are probably the worst when you are dating. What advice do you have for people constantly getting mixed signals from their significant other?
I love this question; whenever I have a friend who’s in this situation, I always try my best to remind them of how unique and precious they are and how their time and energy could be better spent elsewhere. If somebody isn’t giving their full presence and commitment to you when you want that, I promise you are going to be so much happier investing your time in somebody else. Remember, you are deserving of the love you give to others.

Music and lyrics seem to come so naturally to you. What inspires you? What does your writing process look like?
Thank you so much. It’s definitely been a process, and I’m always learning and growing my writing practice. Currently, I have a running list of song concepts and brain dumps for my emotions on my phone. Lately, I’ve been coming into sessions with a few phrases or potential concepts in mind to write about. Melodies have always come a little bit more intuitively for me, and I’ve started to love writing out the lyrics first and forming a melody that fits the meaning of the lyrics afterwards.

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Between the US, Chile, and China, what’s your favorite place in each of the countries? What’s a song you associate with those places? 
Oh dang, this is a hard one! In the US, Los Angeles will always have a special place in my heart because it’s where I went to university, where I fell in love deeply for the first time, and sadly fell out of love. ‘Final Song’ by MØ.

For Chile, I’m gonna have to say Cajón del Maipo. While I was working in Santiago, I met some other expats who had this community of friends who loved exploring the outdoors. I ended up going camping overnight with strangers, top-rope climbing and hiking with them for over 6 hours in this stunning field and mountain range. ‘Never Be the Same’ by Camila Cabello.

China is amazing, and the place I’m gonna choose is my late grandmother‘s apartment. I just have so many strong, loving memories in that space, that’s where I learned how to play mahjong, it’s where she made me seemingly endless amounts of homemade green beans, and I miss her dearly. ‘Cain’ by EXES.

Serena Sun in 2022 has just dropped her debut EP Shadows On The Ceiling. What is Serena Sun in 2032 up to?
Wow, 10 years from now? The older I get, the less I feel like I know what the future holds; if I’m manifesting 10 years older Serena, I would love to see her making music in a beautiful house somewhere, with a loving family, a partner, surrounded by a community filled with dedicated and kind-hearted people. I would also love to be close to family, with multiple pets, in an ideal world.

We have our playlist of course, packed with Serena Sun songs but who is on your playlist? Any underrated bops or artists you got to recommend?
Heck yes! I feel so fortunate that I get to work with some super talented friends who have their own artist projects, to name a few: wayfie, ÊMIA, ellie d., Michaela Slinger, Parker Graye, Tiger Darrow, Rachel Bochner. I can list so many more, maybe in the next interview!

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Serena Sun Interview
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We are obsessed with your Instagram. Your style is impeccable! Do you have a fashion item you can’t live without? What do you feel most comfortable in?
Wow, thank you so much! I feel like this year, in particular, I’ve been leaning into figuring out my own personal style. I’ve noticed that my outfits no longer feel complete without a set of jewelry — I’ve been obsessing over wearing silver chains because I feel like it adds a tiny bit of edge to my outfits, especially the more feminine ones. I definitely feel most comfortable in outfits that show off my unique style but also still feel flattering on my body. I truly think anyone can rock any piece of clothing, it just has to feel right for them.

We always wonder what it is like to be an artist and make music. Do you think singer/songwriter Serena Sun is different from normal day Serena Sun? What’s the biggest difference between the two? 
Honestly, I think they are one and the same. Growing up, I never thought I would be able to make music for a living. The transition from the idea of working in the corporate world for the rest of my life to becoming an independent artist was really jarring at first, but now I’m really comfortable in this role and feel like it actually suits me better. So no differences— she is me, and I am her.

Last but not least, you are also producing music, who is an artist you’d love to produce music for?
I would love to produce music for anybody who loves the style in which I produce; I can see myself working with young women who want to share their life experiences but don’t feel like others understand their vision. I like to think I would do a good job of translating their feelings sonically into a song. I would also love to produce with ELIO someday, she’s an amazing songwriter and producer herself, so it would be more of a dream collab than me producing for her.

Thanks for having me!

Serena Sun Interview
Image Source: Alley Cat PR

Wow, thank you so much for chatting with us, Serena! We can’t wait for the next interview with you and more music from you! We really always love discovering new talented artists and getting to pick their brains, so this interview was a pleasure. What about you? Are you ready to stan Serena Sun? What’s your favorite song by her? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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