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GOING SEVENTEEN Episodes You Should Check Out Pt. 2

GOING SEVENTEEN Episodes You Should Check Out Pt. 2

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The last time we were here for GOING SEVENTEEN was because we were in a SVT drought, but right now we have content coming in ‘Left and Right.’

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But is there really ever enough SEVENTEEN content you can consume? No, of course not! And with SEVENTEEN gifting us their hilarious and entertaining variety show, GOING SEVENTEEN, we simply can’t get enough. As we’ve mentioned before, GoSe started up with very different content than it is now. And don’t even get us started on the editing team, they really amplify the episodes. So, now that it’s summer for most of you, and you find yourself questioning, “Hmm, what should I do?” We suggest checking out these funny GOING SEVENTEEN episodes!

If you don’t see your fave episode on this list, it’s probably already on our part one of GoSe episodes you should watch. Anyways, Let’s go!

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‘Roulette Life pt. 1 & 2

‘Roulette’ starts off with the guys shooting a nerf gun to decide where their challenge will take place and what their challenge will be. And that’s how they split into groups. It was funny seeing how each group tried completing the challenges. The groups stuck with the ‘no laughing challenge’ got us and had us dying from laughter because, as you may or may not know, SEVENTEEN is always laughing. Look out for the group with Woozi, DK, Mingyu, S.Coups, and Jun, they were hilarious. We challenge you to do the ‘no laughing challenge’ alongside them, and see if you can do it…we did not make it through the episodes.

‘Bestfriends pt. 1 & 2

SEVENTEEN are back in school, as they make friends and play childhood games. What really stood out for us, and others as well, was the group playing ‘The roses of Sharon have blossomed, also known as ‘Red Light, Green Light.’ We don’t think we’ve seen people have more fun playing the game than we did with SEVENTEEN. It really shows in what ways SVT will cheat in order to beat each other. We’re kinda hoping they get to redo some of the fun, as with this episode, we were missing Jun and Minghao.

‘Tribal Games pt. 1-2′

Okay, but like, this episode really had us in stitches. And we’re sure you’ve seen some of the clips on TikTok and Twitter, where the group is playing the whisper challenge. So it starts off great until it gets to Hoshi, then he happily changes. Like when the word was “Diet,” but Hoshi excitedly thought it was “Lion Heart,” and because of that, makes Wonwoo guess “‘Dynamite.'” Which wasn’t the last time they got messed up. All in all, all the guessing games they play in parts one and two are very funny.


We knew SEVENTEEN were competitive, but the GOING Staff? Who would’ve thought? No, but honestly, it was really nice to see their faces and see how they interact with the group. Also, seeing SEVENTEEN team up instead of facing off against each other was a new sight to see. And as in SEVENTEEN fashion, they always try to outsmart their opponents, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But we will be taking Jeonghan’s idea with the game where they try getting as many cotton balls into the bowl while blindfolded.

‘Kickball pt. 1-2

The group is split into two teams Team Jeonghan (Chicken Scratch) Vs. Team Vernon (Samseong-dong Cutlassfish Kickball), while The8 is the umpire because, at this time, he had an injured ankle. So, even if you don’t know anything about kickball, don’t worry! Some of the guys didn’t either, but they explain the rules of kickball, as well as the added rules they made up themselves. Because as you know, SEVENTEEN doesn’t just do things the regular way. So in their version of kickball, they can and must use items such as flippers, a dinosaur suit, a soccer ball, and dragging around a tire while on offense. It’s hilarious watching them try to run in the dino suits.

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So, have you found your next binge-watch? What’s your favorite GOING SEVENTEEN episode? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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