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WOODZ Throws Us Into An ‘Abyss’ Of Emotions

WOODZ Throws Us Into An ‘Abyss’ Of Emotions

It has been a hot minute since we heard new music from WOODZ, and we have been starving. Luckily, it feels like he sensed it and decided to grace us with his distinctive voice and talent. We may need to wait a little longer for what he has in store for us with his upcoming mini-album, but while we do, we got a little pre-release to keep us occupied!

‘Abyss’ takes a turn in comparison to the last works that WOODZ presented us with. Here, he delves into a gentle sound, perfectly matched with his beautiful vocals that give the song life. The single also comes with the description “A very personal story by WOODZ,” which hinted at a more mature take on the meaning behind this piece. And, oh wow, the way this hit us hard!

We got to explore the abyss certain thoughts can lead to, and it was an experience! The tender vocals took us on this powerful journey, delivered with thought-provoking lyrics, leaving us in our feels.

WOODZ hinted at what we could expect from ‘ABYSS’ through his teasers, but it was even more powerful when we listened to the song itself. And while the whole piece had us immersed, it was the outro that made us cry the most.

Although, we must admit, it was not only the lyrics that got us emotional. The music video was also a big factor, and both combined led us to want to decipher the meaning behind the song. Now, we might be wrong, but this is our interpretation of ‘ABYSS!’

As the lyrics hint, these are the worries a lot of idols might be experiencing behind the scenes. The uncertainties that come with the job are inevitable – there is always some pressure, even if artists often try to tuck it away to not worry their fans. On the other hand, there’s often an image of the person in fans’ minds that may differ from reality, and it may brew more concern in the idol.

There comes a certain point when one needs to be true to themselves to overcome those moments, and that can be quite scary as well. What we see here is an artist who asks their fans: “Don’t try too hard for me / Just stay as you are.” Not knowing or understanding someone completely is not a bad thing. No one is perfect, and that is completely fine. Learning to appreciate the person for what they show is an important task. Instead of showing what is expected from them, we should be excited to see what THEY want to show us. Is that not why they became artists, to express themselves better?

In the clip, we see WOODZ exchanging packages with a variety of personas in exchange for small crystal orbs. Perhaps, something they have lost and want back for the right price? Or, some kind of trade between the two individuals? On the other hand, we see the artist in a closed, dark space, with one big window that shows the contrasting brightness of the outside. We feel that it is the fear of stepping out as yourself that keeps him inside until he finally gets the courage to move forward. The door with many locks, and the dark room, he leaves them both behind and emerges into the world with a more peaceful mind, marking a new beginning.

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‘ABYSS’ is the first release from WOODZ under his new company, and it is also not quite your typical, catchy K-Pop sound. That doesn’t make it any less impressive, as the vulnerability shows a whole new side to the singer-songwriter. He even wrote the lyrics himself and participated in the composing, to give this a more personal charm and feel.

We can’t wait to hear what else WOODZ is preparing for us! Every time he releases music, it’s something different, maybe something he felt interested in trying. Well, we are interested in hearing it, and we are certain it will be worth it!

What are your thoughts and theories on ‘ABYSS?’ We’ll be on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, waiting to hear from you!

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