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Seven Of The BTS Songs That Showcase Kim Taehyung’s Unique Vocals

Seven Of The BTS Songs That Showcase Kim Taehyung’s Unique Vocals

Everybody knows that BTS’ V, AKA Kim Taehyung, has some of the most distinctive vocals in the music industry. Taehyung is a man who can do it all: sing, dance, compose, be our number one style icon, and rap (yes, we’re talking Taechwita).

Narrowing down this list was already hard enough as it is, so we’ve gone for OT7 songs where we think Taehyung’s vocals shine. Having said that, we need y’all to know that the likes of ‘Stigma,’ ‘Snow Flower,’ ‘Dimple’ and so many more, live in our heads rent-free, and we’re just sorry that we didn’t get a chance to talk about them here.

‘Spring Day’

How else could we possibly start this list? ‘Spring Day’ is one of, if not the most iconic BTS song. One of our favorite elements of this track is the harmonies from Taehyung and Seokjin, and this vocal performance is the perfect example of how to convey emotion through a song.

‘A Brand New Day’ With Zara Larsson

From ‘Spring Day’ to ‘A Brand New Day!’ In THP ARMY’s humble opinion, this is maybe one of the most underrated songs in BTS’ catalog. Taehyung and Hobi (and, of course, Zara Larsson) shine here, and we’d love to see ‘A Brand New Day’ get the love that it deserves.

‘Blue & Grey’

You probably already knew this song was coming when you started this list, right? Not only does Taehyung give us incredibly emotive vocals in ‘Blue & Grey,’ he gives us masterful songwriting too. ‘Blue & Grey’ is quintessential Taehyung, and this song will always be one of our faves.


‘134340’ sounds like no other song in BTS’ discography, and Taehyung’s vocals sound like no one else in the industry. So naturally, we had to include this track! ‘134340’ is clever, unexpected, and a little bit jazzy, which are all words we’d use to describe V too.

‘Boy In Luv’

Although he’s a great all-rounder, Taehyung is known for his lower register, especially in their earlier albums. 2014 single ‘Boy In Luv’ is the epitome of this, as well as a great example of Taehyung’s versatility when paired with a song like ‘134340.’

‘I’m Fine’

Maybe we just associate this track with Taehyung thanks to how divine the first verse in the live performance is, but we think that’s a good enough reason for it to make this list anyway. Tae does an incredible job of setting the tone for this song, and keeping his vocals stable during that choreo! ‘I’m Fine’ is one of our favorite Love Yourself era songs and we reckon it should be one of yours too.

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You didn’t think we’d get through this list without ‘Jump,’ did you? Taehyung’s verse here is one of the most iconic in BTS’ discography! Every single ARMY, whether they speak Korean or not, knows the lyrics after he shouts “V!” In fact, it’s so iconic that it’s become a bit of an inside joke between the members of BTS.

So, what did you think of our list? Got a favorite vocal performance from Taehyung? Tell us all your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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