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Music Rewind 2022: TWICE Keeps On Being Unstoppable!

Music Rewind 2022: TWICE Keeps On Being Unstoppable!

2022 has been such a complete year for TWICE. We’ve been able to enjoy iconic songs and performances that have been added to our essential playlists to enjoy over and over again. They keep on being an unstoppable force that inspires younger girl groups to never lose their essence. We love being ONCEs! We’re so grateful for being able to enjoy another year with them! Let’s take a quick look at everything our nine girls have achieved this year!

TWICE’s 2022 Music Releases

TWICE has shown us this year that they are still an amazing group through numerous releases! We’ve been blessed with BETWEEN 1&2, an incredible mini album that gathers ‘Talk That Talk’ and some of our favorite b-sides from their discography, and Celebrate, the fourth Japanese album that gives them the crown of J-pop. Some of these songs were written by the members, and we absolutely love when they write their own lyrics! They never disappoint, and we’ve truly enjoyed these songs throughout 2022. Their outfits this year have been a 10/10 as well! Our favorite TWICE songs from this year are Basics and Trouble. We can’t stop listening to them!


Not only has TWICE released some fabulous music as a group, but the eldest member, NAYEON, made her solo debut with her album IM NAYEON! This body of work is pop perfection from top to bottom, fitting NAYEON’s style incredibly well. Her vocals throughout this album are incredible (as we expected, she’s such a talented musical genius). We can’t stop listening to ‘LOVE COUNTDOWN (feat. Wonstein)‘ and ‘CANDYFLOSS!’ The IM NAYEON era will remain one for the books: from the amazing tracks passing through NAYEON’s fashion and style to bubbly and cute performances that have shown us her magnetic stage presence!

TWICE’s 4th World Tour III – US Leg

ONCEs from around the US witnessed TWICE’s unique choreographies and incredible live discography during the arena leg of their world tour! The III Tour has been iconic in so many ways: from the setlist that included staple title tracks like ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ and ‘What Is Love?,’ to seeing newer singles like ‘The Feels‘ and ‘Cry For Me’ live, all of the subunits performing their respective songs, and the love that all the members have shown to every fan that was in the venues! If we had to select our favorite thing from this tour, the encore wheel wins. It was so much fun to see the girls pick different songs each night!

Three Sold-Out Shows At Tokyo Dome

Japan loves TWICE, and the group broke more records with their Japanese fanbase, making them the first foreign female artists to hold three concerts in a row at the iconic Tokyo Dome. The venue was sold-out for all three nights, as tickets flew in a blink of an eye! TWICE surprised their fans with amazing performances, as there were some additions from their Japanese discography added to the setlist, such as ‘Perfect World,’ ‘Kura Kura,’ and the Japanese versions of their signature title tracks. Over 150,000 people were able to enjoy these incredible shows!

Encore Stadium Concerts!

TWICE returned to the US after their tour leg to celebrate some encore shows in a spectacular way! The concerts at Banc Of California Stadium made them the first female K-pop group and the second overall K-pop group ever to hold a stadium concert in the United States. These shows were such a huge milestone for TWICE, and they were great parties to celebrate their music in the best way possible!

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