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BTS’ ‘Butter’ Is Back At Billboard Number One (Again!)

BTS’ ‘Butter’ Is Back At Billboard Number One (Again!)

BTS are once again back at Number One – ‘Butter’ has topped the Billboard Hot100 for a tenth non-consecutive week! When it dropped back in May, ‘Butter’ reigned supreme for an impressive seven consecutive weeks, and BTS were number one for a total of ten weeks in a row, but that wasn’t enough for BTS or ARMY, and now, we’re back!

‘Butter’ was already a record-breaking smash hit that showcased BTS and “their individual charms,” but then it got even better with the addition of ultimate hot girl Megan Thee Stallion! BTS, Megan, and ARMY all fought to get ‘Butter (Remix)’ released, so we love seeing that hard work pay off with a number one! The undeniable talent of these artists makes us as fans feel lucky to have them all on the same track; they are each inevitable icons in the making! After all, “It’s the Hot Girl Coach and BTS!”

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Billboard also crowned ‘Butter’ Song of the Summer, after it ranked number one on that chart for eleven consecutive weeks. Earlier this year Bangtan also became the only artists to ever replace themselves twice in a row on the chart with ‘Butter,’ ‘Permission To Dance,’ and then ‘Butter’ again. Quite literally no one is doing it like them.

Since they scored their first Billboard Hot100 number one almost exactly a year ago with ‘Dynamite,’ BTS have been atop the chart for an astonishing 16 (sixteen!) weeks, with five different hits; ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat),’ ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘Butter,’ and ‘Permission To Dance.’

There’s truly no stopping BTS from breaking records! ARMYs even do it in their spare time; just this week, a fan broke the record for most-viewed Twitter space of all time, where she shouted along to BTS songs for almost three hours. For now, ARMY, and the world, wait not-so-patiently to see what BTS do next, whilst ‘Butter’ continues to reign supreme. Plus, it’s the VMAs this weekend – Megan is up for six awards and BTS five, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

How’d you feel about the number one? What are your thoughts on the remix? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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