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ARMY, can you believe it? Our faves finally got to perform in front of a crowd in their home country of Korea, for the first time in two and a half years! BTS performed for PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: SEOUL over three nights at Olympic Stadium, and guess what? They crushed it every time. There’s honestly just too much to talk about – BTS are so talented and fun and make every single show so special. Not to mention that Jimin was going full throttle (and falling over!) despite having surgery only just over a month ago.

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Nonetheless, we’re gonna do our best, and to celebrate these high-energy, highly emotional shows, we’ve put together just a few of our favorite moments from PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: SEOUL.

BTS Attacking Yoongi During ‘HOME’

TBH, the only people that love ‘HOME’ more than us here at THP HQ are BTS themselves. We love any opportunity to celebrate SUGA, and clearly, the rest of Bangtan do too. ‘HOME’ is an elite tier bop, and this is pretty much what we look like dancing to it at 3 am in our bedrooms.

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Jin’s Encore Accessories

Image Source: jin on Instagram

If there’s one thing Kim Seokjin is gonna do, it’s look super cute during their encore stage. We, of course, loved the accessories every single night of PTD: Seoul, and PTD: Los Angeles too, but the ARMY headband during the final Seoul show has our hearts. He looks angelic and knowing their staff helped make it, makes it even cuter.

Capture Time During ‘Life Goes On’

Some of the cutest moments from PTD: Seoul came from their performances of former Billboard Hot 100 number one (flex!) ‘Life Goes On.’ Even seeing the song performed with the members walking around was a nice change to its usual stages, so the capture time was such a cute bonus. Plus when you think about the context and meaning of the song, seeing BTS perform it in front of their first home crowd since releasing ‘Life Goes On’ and Be is beyond special – someone grab us the tissues!

‘Anpanman’ And ‘Go Go’

No, sorry, but the entirety of the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: SEOUL setlist was deadly. But even more so, BTS putting ‘Anpanman’ and ‘Go Go’ consecutively on day two was absolutely lethal. We love seeing Love Yourself: Tear getting the attention it deserves even in the year 2022, and we love any song that gives BTS license to be as chaotic as possible on stage, and both of these songs do exactly that.

The ARMY Bomb Wave

Look, BTS might really, really, love ARMY, but that doesn’t mean they won’t call us out when we fail at stuff. The ARMY Bomb waves on days one and two were… not perfect to say the least. But finally, on day three, ARMY nailed it! The stadium looked absolutely gorgeous, all lit up after so many online concerts, and Jungkook controlling ARMY was so cute.

The Global Cinema Event

Because BTS always treat ARMY so well, they of course made PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: SEOUL available to stream online, with over a million viewers in 191 countries for days one and three. Day two, however, was even more iconic. The show was broadcast live in theaters all over the world, in 3711 cinemas across 75 countries!

PTD: Seoul basically stopped being in Seoul and became a global event, with ARMYs getting up and dancing along, even bringing their ARMY Bombs to the cinema! It was such a day of fun and celebration, and ARMYs all over the globe had the best time. Some members of THP might have even cried…

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Overall, all three of BTS’ PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: SEOUL shows were incredible and full of moments that ARMY, especially those that were there in person, will cherish! Hopefully, not too far in the future, BTS will be able to have a maximum capacity crowd in Korea, and maybe even go visit a few of those countries that had theater screenings!

Next Step, GRAMMYs

For now, we have the GRAMMYs and PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: Las Vegas to look forward to! BTS have recently been confirmed as performers at the 64th GRAMMYs on April 3rd, where they are once again nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, this time for ‘Butter.’ This makes them the first Korean pop act to be nominated in consecutive years, and after last years performance of ‘Dynamite,’ we’re looking forward to whatever they have in store for us this time around! We’ve got our fingers crossed for that trophy!

We’re already overwhelmed by BTS’ success this month, and April is set to be even bigger! Plus, we can’t wait to see what BTS have in store for the rest of 2022. Knowing them, probably a lot.

What were your favorite moments of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: SEOUL? Any really obvious ones that we missed? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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