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Legends Supporting Legends: Popstars Who Are BTS ARMY Just Like Us

Legends Supporting Legends: Popstars Who Are BTS ARMY Just Like Us

Welcome to Legends Supporting Legends, a series that’s built for multi-stans to completely lose all sense of the word “chill” and bask in the glory of when their favorite artists support one another, leading to the best interactions ever and totally feeding our souls. For our latest installment, we’ve gathered some of our favorite famous BTS ARMY!

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There’s no denying that BTS are one of the most popular acts in the world right now and ARMY are the fiercest fanbase. Even BTS’ fellow pop stars aren’t immune to their charms, and who can blame them? Everyone wants to work with them, everyone wants to freak out over them, and we truly love to see it, especially when it’s our faves!

Bang Chan – Stray Kids

One of the weirdest moments on this list is when Stray Kids’ Bang Chan dressed as Deadpool on his V Live in May and played Billboard-Hot-100-number-one-for-seven-consecutive-weeks anthem ‘Butter.’ Talking about the song he said “They are called one of the best for a reason, right? Yeah, you gotta give it up to them! Mad respect to BTS.” He’s right and he should say it!

Just like BTS member RM, Bang Chan is the leader of his group, and he has often talked about how he views RM as one of his role models. In a Vlive where he talked about his admiration, he also touched on his reaction to RM’s song ‘Seoul (prod. honne)’ from solo mixtape mono. The song discusses RM’s complicated relationship with the city, and as someone who has lived there a decade, he can relate, saying “I became overwhelmed with feelings. I almost cried.” Us too.

Stray Kids have also covered BTS a few times, our personal favorite is their version of ‘Dionysus’ from last year. STAYARMY stay winning!

Jade Thirlwall – Little Mix

To be honest, all the girls seem to enjoy BTS’ work, but Little Mix’s resident K-pop stan (and songwriter!) Jade Thirlwall takes the crown on this one. The girls have been supporting BTS since 2018 when Jade described Bangtan and their music as “a breath of fresh air” at the MTV EMAs and they added ‘Fake Love’ to one of their official playlists.

Jade is also absolutely obsessed with their 2019 track ‘Make It Right.’ And we mean obsessed. She first posted a screenshot on her Instagram story of her listening to the EP Map Of The Soul: Persona just after its release, and she hasn’t stopped since. She’s talked about or been seen listening to the song many times, plus she even played it on BBC Radio 1 when Little Mix did a Christmas day takeover.

See, obsessed! Her words, not ours.

Plus every time they’ve been asked about it, Little Mix have said they’d love to collab with BTS. Please! Who do we have to sell our souls to, to make this happen?!

Awsten Knight – Waterparks

Much like BTS, Waterparks are a group considered by many of their fans to supersede genre, but one thing’s for sure, regardless of what kind of music you make, you’re still gonna be ARMY. In July 2019 they “released” the music video for fan-favorite song ‘Turbulent’ except… they just tweeted a clip from BTS’ music video for ‘IDOL’ with the ‘Turbulent’ audio. Waterparks: famous BTS ARMY, kings of memes, and ultimate trolls of their own fans.

Awsten, the lead vocalist and guitarist, is the biggest ARMY in the band. A Jimin bias, (taste!) he once tweeted “I LOVE BTS AND WOULD EAT FIRE IF THEY ASKED ME TO” which is, well, a mood.

Ed Sheeran

Ed has worked with Bangtan twice, first on ‘Make It Right’ (you’re welcome, Jade) and on brand new Billboard Hot 100 number one hit ‘Permission To Dance’ which we’re still recovering from. Ed has always been super respectful when talking about BTS, which of course ARMY appreciates. There have been rumors of a collab forever, and Ed has been really dropping hints lately. BigHit have since said they ‘“cannot confirm” if there is anything in the works. We’re sure that if there is something on the way, Ed will probably leak the info soon!

Despite working together, Ed and Bangtan have never met. In a recent interview, Namjoon said he wants to take Ed for a drink next time BTS is in London. Can we come?

Eric Nam

Imagine stanning BTS, being friends with them, and starting a book club with one of them?! It hurts to see other people living out your dream. Eric Nam first saw them perform waaaay back in 2014 and has rooted for them ever since, calling them “the perfect underdog story.” He saw them again at their historic and record-breaking first night at Wembley Stadium and took part in the fan event too.

Image Source: Eric Nam via Instagram

Plus he acknowledges that, as well as their incredible talent and dedication, ARMY has helped BTS get to where they are now too.

Despite being older than them, Eric also goes to BTS, in particular Yoongi, for advice when it comes to music. The pair is clearly close; Eric told Marie Claire that Yoongi once suggested the pair, along with Epik High’s Tablo, start a book club. We reckon Eric might just be the ultimate famous BTS ARMY!


We’ve talked about Halsey and BTS’ friendship before, and we’ll do it again! Halsey is a proud member of ARMY, and has been since they met in 2017. They even have matching pink diamond friendship bracelets and our FOMO has never been stronger. Halsey also comes to BTS’ defense and calls out xenophobia against the group, just like ARMY does.

They, of course, worked together on the ultimate pop song ‘Boy With Luv,’ which broke countless records and opened doors for both acts, but their collabs don’t end there. Suga has an interlude on Halsey’s 2020 album Manic. Though the pair both took part in the writing and production of the song, it must take a lot of faith and trust in someone’s artistry to ask them to have their own song within your album. Halsey is a famous ARMY who clearly has a lot of respect and admiration for BTS, just like us.

Michael Clifford – 5SOS

When 5SOS visited South Korea in 2019, of course music was one of the top things on their minds. Guitarist Michael Clifford and bassist Calum Hood went shopping, discussing Korean artists like BLACKPINK and Day6. And, clearly a man of incredible taste, Michael purchased BTS EP Map Of The Soul: Persona.

Michael also DJs in his spare time and when 5SOS’ 2020 album CALM was released, he streamed a DJ party in his garden on Instagram, where he played Jungkook’s solo track ‘Euphoria’ and Japanese single ‘Lights.’ Like we said, a man of taste!

Steve Aoki

Of course, we all know that Steve Aoki and BTS have a great professional relationship. They worked together when he remixed absolute banger ‘Mic Drop,’ but it doesn’t stop there. He also produced the sublime ballad from the vocal line ‘The Truth Untold’ and then RM and Jungkook returned the favor featuring on Aoki’s 2018 song ‘Waste It On Me,’ BTS’ first all-English release.

Aoki, who is of Japanese descent, has a lot of respect for what BTS represents as they continue to break countless records globally, “they’re bigger than music. It’s cultural; something really powerful for Asian people around the world.” We love when famous ARMY treat BTS the way they deserve!

Ariana Grande

If you’re ARMY like us, we know you already know just how much Jungkook looks up to Ariana Grande, but luckily, the feeling is mutual!

Ari hung out with BTS and watched them rehearse before the 2019 and 2020 GRAMMYs. (The 2020 ceremony was later canceled due to the pandemic.)

Image Source: Ariana Grande via Twitter

Plus, we could never, ever, forget when Jungkook went to the Sweetener World Tour and they hung out afterward. Ariana posted a picture of the pair and so many fans thought it was an edit, that she had to deny it, and then posted a screenshot of it as her lock screen. Look, we know it wasn’t, but even if she did have an edit of her and JK as her lock screen, we wouldn’t judge…

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Image Source: Ariana Grande via Instagram

Chris Martin – Coldplay

Whilst the music they make is very different from BTS, Coldplay also know what it’s like to be one of the biggest groups in the world. Chris Martin is a famous ARMY who has nothing but “love and respect” for BTS and what they do – “All seven guys are just cool and stand for good things.” Plus, Chris was in Seoul earlier this year for unknown reasons and has been dropping hints about a Coldtan? Bangplay? collab ever since. BigHit has once again said they “cannot confirm” soooo…

Wooyoung – ATEEZ

The “official ARMY of ATEEZ” Wooyoung is an ultimate BTS stan and not-so-lowkey Jimin bias. From remembering Jimin’s birthday but messing up his own band members’, to wanting to dip out of a shoot early to go to their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself show, Wooyoung has done it all. Wooyoung’s fanboying has now even gotten to the point where ATINY brings him BTS and BT21 merch as gifts at fan events. He’s truly BTS ARMY just like us – if anything, we need to get on his level.

Plus, like Stray Kids, ATEEZ have done their fair share of BTS covers too. We love this version of ‘I Need U.’

They even have the stamp of approval from Bangtan themselves. We could watch this fancam of BTS’ reaction to ATEEZ performing ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ on loop forever.


Artist MAX is no baby ARMY – he’s stanned the group since 2017 when Jungkook sang his song ‘One More Weekend’ on a live stream. In 2020, MAX featured on Suga’s (as Agust D) song ‘Burn It,’ and then Suga returned the favor on MAX’s track ‘Blueberry Eyes.’ He and Suga definitely have a special bond; he’s even referred to Yoongi as a “forever kind of friend.” They’ve hung out in South Korea and the US, and MAX took Suga to his first American basketball game last year.

It doesn’t stop there though, he has admiration for the whole band. “One of my favorite things about all the BTS members [is] the culture that they’ve created… It’s the highest standard of everything they do and that’s so inspiring… They’re so detail-oriented.”

MAX is also an ARMY who has immense respect for BTS’ identity and where they come from. For ‘Burn It,’ MAX learned a few Korean phrases, and has also learned all of Suga’s Korean verse from ‘Blueberry Eyes.’

Honestly, we’re so happy to see so many famous pop stars, who are ARMY, showering BTS in the love they deserve! Plus, we know they’ll only get more celebrity fans as time goes on. Now to campaign for all of these collabs…

Who’s your favorite famous BTS ARMY? Who’d we miss? We know there’s a lot. Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

Need more BTS in your life? Here ya go!


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