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5 Songs That Prove EXO’s D.O. Is A Fantastic Vocalist Pre-‘Rose’

5 Songs That Prove EXO’s D.O. Is A Fantastic Vocalist Pre-‘Rose’

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EXO-Ls the time has come, we are finally getting DKS1! 공감 is well on its way to us, to bless our ears. There probably isn’t an EXO-L or Soo-stan who hasn’t been waiting for D.O. to drop his solo album finally. The title song ‘Rose’ is supposed to give us all the folklore and acoustic vibes accompanied with lyrics written by D.O. Oh, we know this will be sooo good.

It’s been known that Kyungsoo is an incredible vocalist, especially when he gives us those spicy R&B songs with his smooth vocals! So, we are hoping for 공감 to include at least one of those. But while we wait for more info and teaser pictures for 공감 and ‘Rose,’ we thought it was the perfect time to look back at our five favorite songs that prove what a fantastic vocalist Soo is! So let’s get into it!

‘Tell Me (What Is Love)’

Did someone ask for D.O. and Yoo Young Jin? We for sure did! Yoo Young Jin is a genius composer, and he is usually behind our favorite R&B songs. ‘Tell Me (What Is Love)’ was released as part of SM Station, and it just took everyone’s breath away when it dropped! It just goes to show how well D.O.’s vocals fit the R&B genre! (Pro tip: check out live versions of this gem!)

‘That’s Okay’

Another beautiful song SM Station gifted to fans. ‘That’s Okay’ came to EXO-Ls as a pre-enlistment gift from D.O., and it has become such a great comfort song to many. Kyungsoo’s beautiful voice suits this track so well, and we couldn’t believe our ears when we got the live clip for ‘That’s Okay’ after D.O.’s was discharged, a couple months ago.

‘For Life’

EXO‘s winter albums are always one of our favorites by the group, and the boys tend to perform group songs as solos for concerts. For ‘For Life,’ D.O. teamed up with Chanyeol on the piano to bring us this beautiful English version of the song, and it is so beautiful. Do you hear those vocals? (Are we the only ones missing egg head Soo btw?)

‘Missing You’

We love a good collab for a cover! Super Junior‘s Ryeowook is a fantastic vocalist on his own but teaming up with D.O. for this rendition of Fly To The Sky’s ‘Missing You’ has us speechless! Their voices together… pure magic. We have been begging for a studio version of this forever, and we might never get it. But who is to tell us to stop hoping, right?

‘Crying Out’

Only D.O. would go all out for an OST! ‘Crying Out’ came to fans as an original soundtrack for the K-Drama CART, and it is so beautiful and yet so haunting. Kyungsoo has such a beautiful vocal tone that he can pull off any genre, but crying music is probably his forté, and ‘Crying Out’ is a great song for well… crying out.

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Well, you can probably tell we are extra excited for D.O.’s official solo debut and are basically counting down the hours to 공감‘s release! How excited are you for 공감? Is ‘Rose’ gonna be your next crying song? What’s your favorite D.O. song? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

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