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9 EXO Songs For Your Playlist, So Don’t Fight The Feeling

9 EXO Songs For Your Playlist, So Don’t Fight The Feeling

After a year and a half, EXO is about to finally make a comeback! We, here at THP, are buzzing with excitement already. The special album Don’t Fight The Feeling is set to drop on June 7th. It feels like only yesterday that EXO-Ls got the group’s 6th album OBSESSION in November 2019.

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Since then EXO has been continuing to fulfill their mandatory military service and feeding fans with various sub-unit and solo releases! Currently, four of the nine members are serving in the military, Baekhyun being the latest one to enlist, two members have already completed their service and the youngest Kai and Sehun have yet to go. Lay, as a Chinese citizen, does not have to serve in the Korean army and has been feeding fans with plenty of solo music!

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The absence of EXO as a group from the scene has certainly been felt by everyone, so the hype for this upcoming release is extra big. EXO-Ls have been getting ready since the news of the comeback first dropped in April and we can’t wait to get more details. Until we get more info about the comeback, we are getting ready for Don’t Fight The Feeling with these nine EXO songs. Join us by making sure to add them to your playlist!

‘Baby Don’t Cry’

Let’s start this off with a tearjerker. ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ is from EXO’s first full album XOXO and has aged like fine wine!

‘Love Shot’

We just had to add the banger that is ‘Love Shot,’ the concept, the moves, the music video, and the song. Nothing can compare to this bop!

‘El Dorado’

Baekhyun only recently confirmed how perfect ‘El Dorado’ is, so there is no reason for you to not add this to your playlist!


Your playlist would be incomplete without ‘Overdose’ on it! This is an instant earworm and once it is in your brain it won’t leave you!


‘Growl’ was EXO’s breakout hit so it can’t be missing from your playlist when it comes to EXO songs!


The day EXO-Ls get a ‘Trouble’ stage performance, nature will heal. EXO we are begging you at this point! As much as we love ‘Obsession’ nothing compares to ‘Trouble,’ so give the people what they want.


‘Tempo’ was a fantastic comeback but the show-stealer was probably ‘Oasis,’ EXO’s harmonies are beautiful and the groovy ‘Oasis’ will for sure make you dance!

‘Been Through’

EXO has always given EXO-Ls beautiful ballad-heavy Winter albums, ‘Been through’ is a b-side on the Universe – Winter Special Album 2017 and it is a stunner.

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It’s time to go out with a bang! No other song could end our tiny list than ‘Power.’ This jam will get up your energy levels and get you ready for the new comeback!

We hope you enjoy these nine songs as much as we do and they complete your already perfect playlist! There are so many songs we wanted to include but we kept it short and sweet instead. However, EXO have probably many more new bops in store for fans with Don’t Fight The Feeling. We can’t wait!

What is your favorite EXO song? How excited are you about Don’t Fight The Feeling? Did your favorite EXO song make our list? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment, edited by Selina for The Honey Pop.

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