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EXO ‘Runaway’ To Space In Don’t Fight The Feeling

EXO ‘Runaway’ To Space In Don’t Fight The Feeling

EXO-Ls! Are you okay? Alive, well, and breathing? Good, we aren’t either. This first comeback in 19 months by EXO has got us extra excited. Oh, how we missed them and their music. Their albums never, ever disappoint, any b-side could be a title track, and Don’t Fight The Feeling proves this yet again! You can stream the album on your favorite platform here.

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The music video for ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ has us going through it. First, we are getting to see Minseok and Kyungsoo for the first time in forever, and then Lay shows up? The Zhang Yixing? We heard rumours and saw teaser photos that suggested Lay would be here, but he actually has so much screen time, the tears are falling. But that isn’t all, ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ is as groovy and funky as EXO can get, and the music video throws us right back to the mega-hit ‘Power.’ EXO we would appreciate it if you could stop making us cry while bopping!

EXO gifted fans four more songs besides the title on the special album. Not one of them is a skip and they just keep getting better. EXO are the kings of funky retro sounds and smooth R&B. ‘Paradise’ we are looking right at you girl. What a song, D.O’s smooth vocals have been missed dearly. Xiumin also gets his well-deserved time to shine during the album, and we can only imagine how perfect the album would sound if Suho and Chen were also here… One day EXO-Ls, one day we will get an OT9 comeback!

So, Let’s Runaway…

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Back to it! ‘No matter,’ is just as funky and groovy as we needed it to be, EXOs harmonies are no joke during this song! But the true gem of the album has to be ‘Runaway!’ So haunting and beautiful, Lay how we have missed your beautiful voice on EXO‘s tracks. (Grabbing a tissue, BRB. Okay, we are back sorry about that.) The album ends in the wonderful acoustic pop song ‘Just as usual’ and really brings the special album to a well-rounded end. Only EXO.

We don’t know about you, but we are about to sit here for the next week listening to Don’t Fight The Feeling on replay. It is just so good to have EXO back, and they even broke their pre-sale record with this new album? Hello million sellers, well deserved. We love you.

What’s your favorite moment during the ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ music video? What’s your favorite song on the album? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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