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Our Favorite Monsta X ‘Gambler’ Stages So Far

Our Favorite Monsta X ‘Gambler’ Stages So Far

MONSTA X has proven yet again that they are One Of A Kind with their ninth mini-album and title song ‘Gambler.’ It’s been barely a week since the deadly music video with 007 aesthetic dropped. We haven’t caught our breath yet! You haven’t seen this one yet? What are you doing? MONBEBEs and we have been yodeling while watching these six sexy men!

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‘Gambler’ has us screaming with its high tension and unexpected guitar riffs. Joohoney outdid himself when he stepped up to main produce the title track. Honestly, is there anything this man can’t do? MONSTA X just keeps getting better and better, it seems. Their music is always aging like fine wine. But the other six songs of the mini-album do not fall flat compared to the bombastic title! We can’t really pick a favorite. Maybe it’s ‘Addicted?’ Maybe it’s’ Secrets?’ Or is it I.M‘s ‘Rotate’ that mayhaps made us blush? We can’t choose, or maybe we can (Keep an eye on our TikTok for that 👀)

Since we are already a week into promotions of ‘Gambler,’ we can’t help but rewatch the deadly performances MONSTA X has gifted to MONBEBEs so far. Sadly, Shownu is on hiatus due to health reasons. These ‘Gambler’ stages could only be made better with him being there! But without further ado, let’s get into our favorite performances!

Dingo’s Move Rec.

Dingo never fails to bring top-quality content to us! These Move Recs always hit differently, and the boys look especially good in this one.

Weekly Idol Ep. 514

For some reason, Weekly Idol always seems to capture the choreography of a group perfectly. So we can’t help but love this ‘Gambler’ performance in more casual clothes.

Inkigayo 06.06.21

From all the music show stages, the Inkigayo stage was more impactful than the others. Is it ‘Intro: The Auction?’ Is it the white outfits? Maybe both? We are not sure, but this has to be our favorite music show stage so far.

We had to narrow it down to our top three performances so far, but we know MONSTA X has many more fantastic ‘Gambler’ stages to come, and we can’t wait to see those!

Which has been your favorite stage of ‘Gambler’ so far? What’s your favorite song on One Of A Kind? Let us know down below or on Twitter @thehoneypop.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Starship Entertainment.

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