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6 Years & Years Songs That Your Playlist Needs

6 Years & Years Songs That Your Playlist Needs

Years and Years are finally heading towards releasing their third album, and the first since Y&Y became a solo project under former-frontman Olly Alexander in March 2021. You may have heard of them through TikTok or television, but if you’re finally ready to get to know their discography a little better, you’re in the right place! Here are all the best Years & Years songs you need to add to your playlist right now.

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‘It’s a sin’ featuring Elton John

‘It’s a sin’ is a Pet Shop Boys cover that was released earlier this year to coincide with the critically acclaimed TV drama of the same name, starring Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander. Originally about religious persecution, it’s also relevant in the context of the 1980s AIDs crisis the show focuses on. Transforming from piano ballad to ultimate Pride anthem just after the one minute mark, the version with Elton John first performed at the BRITS 2021 is a self-acceptance bop for the ages.


If you’ve only heard a couple of Years & Years songs, chances are this was one of them. A single from their 2015 debut album Communion, it stands out as one of the few of theirs that looks at relationships in a positive light. A summer bop that lives up to its title, it really is perfect for the sunshine.

‘Don’t Panic’

A song about anxiety, amplified by the fast pace, catchy chorus, and the juxtaposition of sunny production and sad lyrics. We, at The Honey Pop, recommend listening to this one whilst getting ready for something you’re nervous about – major main character heading for battle vibes.

‘If You’re Over Me’

The band continue their trend of mixing happy-go-lucky production and lyrics that are frankly devastating. All about trying, and failing, to stay friends with an ex, this song is a little too relatable tbh. Or is that just us? The video is super cool too, starring Olly stuck performing on a seemingly unending loop for an audience of Androids who are trying to experience human emotions.


2020 was a pretty bleak year, but one of the bright spots was Years & Years’ 2014 cover of ‘Breathe’ finally getting the credit it deserves, all thanks to going viral on TikTok (you’re following @TheHoneyPOP over there, right?). A fun cover of Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul’s 2003 hit, it’s the perfect upbeat breakup song.

‘Starstruck’ (Kylie Minogue Remix)

Years & Years latest single ‘Starstruck‘ is just a straight-up pop anthem! The remix featuring the one and only Kylie Minogue dropped just before pride month (as it should) and is absolutely made to be danced to! Here’s to praying we all get the Hot Girl Summer 2021 we deserve.

Honestly, we could’ve added so many more songs to this list, but we’d be here all day. Luckily for us, and you, once you’re obsessed with these bops, Years & Years are set to drop their highly anticipated third album later this year.

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Featured Image Source: Years & Years via Instagram

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