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6 Times Ten Proved His Amazing Dancing Skills

6 Times Ten Proved His Amazing Dancing Skills

No matter if you know Ten as a soloist, from NCT, WayV or SuperM, you know he is one of the most talented dancers out there. When it comes to dancing hardly anyone comes close to his talent and when it comes to singing and making bops, the same applies. Sadly, Ten is so busy with NCT and SuperM that a solo song happens only once in a blue moon through SM’s Station series, and this month it is that time again! The blue moon is here in the form of ‘Paint Me Naked’ and it did not disappoint.

Stream ‘Paint Me Naked’ here.

‘Paint Me Naked’ is the pop-rock song we have been waiting for and shows us a new side to the talented idol. His previous two singles were more focused on his performance, so it was refreshing to see him deliver a killer choreo alongside a bop and a half that showcases his singing skills. Yes, ‘Paint Me Naked’ has been on repeat ever since it dropped.

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We are positively obsessed with anything Ten has been doing throughout his career and has yet to do. Obviously, we had to take this opportunity to share six times he proved how talented he is! Come right along.

‘Dream In A Dream’

First off has to be Ten’s first SM Station ‘Dream In A Dream.’ This song has yet to be topped in our humble opinion, with its haunting aura and the purple color concept, Ten’s fluid movements are perfectly highlighted and it makes for a mega fest of talent.

Hit The Stage

We couldn’t continue with this list without including that Ten performance. Ten killed it on Hit The Stage and he quite literally became Satan for this one and he blew our and the judges’ minds. All hail, Ten, you are our dancing king!

‘New Heroes’

Now, how could we not mention ‘New Heroes?!’ This dance bop still finds its way on top of our playlist every month since its release, this proves what an amazing dancer and singer Ten actually is. If you don’t believe us after this video then well,… keep scrolling!

‘Need To Know’ by Doja Cat Dance Video

Yes, yes, we have established many times how good of a dancer Ten is, but we have to emphasize it again because Ten just keeps on blowing us away! He posted this dance video for Doja Cat’s ‘Need To Know’ and we could not look away. Honestly, how is his body moving like that?!

‘Popstar’ by DJ Khaled

End-of-the-year shows are a treat that keep on giving, as we get unexpected collabs and amazing stage performances. For MBC Gayo Daejejeon MONSTA X‘s Shownu and Ten teamed up for a dance stage. Oh boy, that was truly something! Both idols are incredible dancers and performers, and this stage just proved yet again how talented they are.

‘lovely (ring and portrait remix)’

We are ending this list with a bang. For their YouTube project Rainbow V, WayV‘s Ten and WinWin teamed up to create this stunning dance video to ‘lovely’ by Billie Eilish and Khalid. It has been two years since this video was posted and we are still not over it. The emotions in this one are so rare, watch for yourself. This video deserves all the awards and Ten and WinWin deserve all the praise for it!

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What is your favorite song by Ten? What did you think about ‘Paint Me Naked?’ What’s your favorite Ten dance performance? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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