Listen Up B.I Is Back With A Bang And ‘Got It Like That’

Listen Up B.I Is Back With A Bang And ‘Got It Like That’

IDs are you okay? Are you breathing? Your boy is back and with a bang! B.I just debuted as a global rookie with his first single ‘Got It Like That.’ The song teams the rapper up with Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh and gets you moving! If you haven’t yet, you can stream the song here.

B.I made his start on the K-Pop scene as the leader and producer of YG’s boy group iKON. Now he is tackling the industry as a solo artist after he established his own label called 131 label under IOK company. The rapper is set to drop his first full album in June, which will consist of 12 songs, and ‘Got It Like That’ is our first taste of what’s to come. The song is the complete opposite of ‘Midnight Blue,’ which ID got to hear back in March.

From Korea To The World

‘Got It Like That’ effortlessly fuses Pop and R&B. The collab is perfectly balanced between the three artists, which we love to see. The track was produced by no one else but The Stereotypes, which have probably produced some of your favorite songs. B.I has always been open about how much he loves music and what he wants to do with it. This collab seems to be the perfect start for that since ‘Got It Like That’ is a song about being yourself and feeling comfortable. Hanbin’s verse had fans especially surprised, he is ready to take over the world, we are ready to support him. ‘Got It Like That’ is supposed to just get you moving and let loose, so hop on the love train and watch the music video.

Got It Like That - B.I
Image Source: tumblr

The combination of the three artists’ voices makes for an amazing sound and we can’t seem to be able to stop listening to this bop. Especially Destiny’s vocals had fans surprised, all hail to this queen. We are glad Hanbin chose these two artists to start this new journey with. Also, B.I has never looked better, he is basically glowing. We are ready for what’s yet to come. Because he seems to be aiming to make it big and ‘Got It Like That’ is a great start. We have missed seeing and hearing from the idol so frequently and we are sure that IDs can relate!

What did you think about ‘Got It Like That?’ How excited are you for B.I’s upcoming album? How much did you miss Hanbinnie? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of 131 Label

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