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Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into B.I’s WATERFALL

Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into B.I’s WATERFALL

b.I waterfall

WATERFALL is here and you better have your tissues ready. B.I seems to be determined to make this June a month of happiness and emotions for IDs. The singer is back with his first full solo album after two years of hiatus. June 2019, especially the 12th of the month was a very painful day for the idol and his fans. So with the release of his first album in the same month two years later, he is starting anew. Gifting his fans something to celebrate rather than something to be sad about in this memorable month. Is the album having 12 tracks a coincidence? We wonder…

The singer-songwriter has always been praised for his songwriting and producing skills, even winning an award as Songwriter Of The Year at the 10th Melon Music Awards. He gave us a taste of those skills and how they have become even better with the bop ‘Got It Like That,’ which dropped as pre-release last month. So obviously, his album WATERFALL was highly anticipated by everyone. And the contender for AOTY is finally here.

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Not only is this B.I’s first full-length solo album, entirely written and composed by him by the way, but it is also the first album under his new label 131Label. In the album, Hanbin is telling his version of the story. The past two years were rough on everyone and the rapper has had enough of being silent. The meaningful lyrics make this album extra-special and while reading the lyrics, we did shed a couple of tears, we won’t deny that. We recommend you have the tissues ready to go while listening.

Let’s Take A Deep Dive Down The WATERFALL

WATERFALL tells the story of B.I’s musical journey and his appreciation for all of the people who have helped and supported him along the long, hard way. The use of alliterations of water throughout the album represents the flow of life, and each track on this album is meant to take its listener on a journey together from the ‘Waterfall’ to the vast seaside.

This leads us to the first stunning track on the album. ‘WATERFALL’ was the first track fans heard before the album came out. ‘WATERFALL’ deals with Hanbin’s hardships from the seven years of his career. The line “The waterfall that begins with falling down, That’s me” brings the singer full circle as it was a line in one of his raps during his first appearance on Show Me The Money in 2014. Hanbin’s mind is so, so big.

Next on the album, is the title track ‘illa illa,’ which is supposed to be the sound waves make. The song is very simply put about hope. The rapper wants to give everyone who is struggling hope with this beautiful song. ‘illa illa’ has a soft melody atop a trap beat and gives fans both, B.I’s rap and wonderful vocals. B.I tells fans to remember that even when a chapter closes a new one is bound to open.

If you haven’t watched the beautiful music video for ‘illa illa’ yet, make sure you do so down below!

Next up is ‘Daydream,’ which features no one else but the legendary Lee Hi. This song feels especially meaningful as the last time we saw B.I on stage was when he was promoting ‘No One’ with Lee Hi. Coming full circle indeed. B.I wrote this song reminiscing about old dreams he used to have and how fast dreams come and go. Everything about this album seems to be about new beginnings and we love that.

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‘Numb’ is the fourth song on the tracklist and brings IDs a deep song with some refreshing rock influences during its chorus. We haven’t heard a song like this in a while and ‘Numb’ really compliments Hanbin’s voice. Continuing our dive into the album with ‘Illusion,’ a track demonstrating that Hanbin can also go hard and shows us what a great rapper he is. Honestly, B.I’s range is impeccable.

Now, prepare the tissues because ‘Flow Away’ is next. And even if you had just a short glance at the song’s lyrics you realize you are in for an emotional rollercoaster. Hanbin is the most honest about his journey and how he has felt the past two years in ‘Flow Away.’ We especially like the cough during the first verse which is meant to represent B.I cleaning his memories of the dust that has settled there. A lyrical genius at his finest.

Life Is Short

You thought the sadness was over? Oh no, ‘Help me’ is next and boy is that a song. Dealing with wanting to not die but also not feeling too enthusiastic about living, ‘Help me’ hits us right in the feels. Did someone see us crying? No, you didn’t. Thankfully ‘Remember me’ is next and it is here to cheer us up with its cute and lighthearted sound. Truly the range of this album is absolutely amazing.

Following the heavier stuff, we get another collab, ‘STAY’ features Epik High’s Tablo. We are incredibly happy to see him on this album as a feature, since the artist has been nothing but supportive towards Hanbin and even let him feature on ‘Acceptance Speech,’ a b-side on Epik High’s latest album. A match made in heaven!

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‘GRAY’ is the 10th track on this amazing album and the song is pure fun! It is showing IDs a more lighthearted side of the rapper and impresses with a fun beat and a really catchy chorus. A jam!

Closing the album are two songs that sound rather familiar to fans. B.I posted the demo versions of these two songs on his SoundCloud before but hearing the full versions of them is an experience. ‘Then’ hits even harder in its fully mastered version, as it is a big thank you to his fans for staying loyal. And ‘Re-Birth’ is the perfect way to close the 12 track album, as it is a message to B.I himself and listeners that every new road must start at the beginning. WATERFALL is a masterpiece.

Oh, how we have missed Hanbin and his signature “HO!” Let’s dry our tears and listen to this fantastic album 10, 100, or 1000 more times. We can’t wait to see what B.I is up to next, we wish him nothing but happiness on his journey. Make sure to listen to the album on your favorite platform right here.

What is your favorite song on WATERFALL? What do you think about the ‘illa illa’ music video? How glad are you to have B.I back? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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  • thank you for writing this! indeed hanbin has come a long way and this album is a perfect way to kick start his new journey. introspective and honest, his storytelling and his distinct musicality has never been better. <3

  • Me encantaron cada una de sus canciones, pero me identifico bastante con “HELP ME”. Tiene razón “WATERFALL” AOTY!!!

  • One of the best articles I’ve read! So detailed and you can tell it was written with much love. ♡

  • well yes waterfall is a masterpiece ….his ways with words.. no one could beat it.. n the musicality is out of anyones league.. this boy is truly a genius..

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