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7 Lines That Prove B.I Is A Lyrical Genius

7 Lines That Prove B.I Is A Lyrical Genius

B.I. just released his first full album, WATERFALL, to ring in his new beginning, and he is already setting records. A legend. Hanbin has set a new record as the most viewed K-Pop male soloist debut music video in the first 24 hours with ‘illa illa.’ ID’s worked so hard to give Hanbin this milestone, and it should be celebrated. If this is any indication for B.I.’s future, then it will be a bright one, for sure.

As we are big IDs here at THP, we thought it was time to celebrate this record by listing our favorite B.I lines. Everyone should be aware that Hanbin has an exceptional talent for songwriting and his lyrics prove it. So without further ado, here are seven B.I lines that prove he is a lyrical genius.

‘Love Scenario’

B.I, Lyrical Genius
Image Source: tumblr

“Already miss you but I’m trying not to
I’ll remember you like a warm spring in a movie”

B.I didn’t win Song Writer Of The Year with ‘Love Scenario’ for nothing. The song is one of iKON‘s best, and the lyrics are so cute and heartfelt. Truly a jam and a showcase of Hanbin’s impeccable skills.

‘Midnight Blue’

B.I, Lyrical Genius
Image Source: tumblr

“My pain that no one knows about becomes nothing
Everyone seems to live like that, with a bruised heart
Making a face that is fine”

Midnight Blue‘ was such an emotional release for everyone back in March. We would be lying if we said those lyrics didn’t resonate with us powerfully and made us cry.

‘illa illa’

B.I, Lyrical Genius
Image Source: tumblr

“Longingness is what I do best
Depression is the most comfortable home for me
The corners of my broken heart will be sharp
I will be the one stabbed again anyway
It’s a familiar wound, it’s a familiar farewell
Awkward goodbye and emptiness
It’s a familiar scene“

All of ‘illa illa’ is a masterpiece, and we could be including any of WATERFALL‘s tracks on this list, but verse three of ‘illa illa’ just hit especially hard and shows us how great Hanbin is with words. Please neer stop writing music.

‘Take Care’

B.I, Lyrical Genius
Image Source: tumblr

“Take care. Don’t be sick. Make sure to eat well.
Take care. Erase all your memories with me.
I’ll go now. It’ll be hard because the memories are too heavy.
Take care. I don’t think it’s right to stay together just because of the time we spent.”

‘Take Care’ was the only song B.I left on his SoundCloud after leaving his old label. It stayed there for months, and especially these lines were what fans clung to the most. They felt like a hug and like a goodbye since Hanbin’s future in the music scene was really unsure at the time.

‘Flow Away’

Image Source: tumblr

“I’ve lost too many things to say I was young
We need to learn what’s really important
It’s like forgetting joy in all the fierceness“

‘Flow Away’ has to be Hanbin’s most honest song to date, and it is tough to get through once you read the lyrics. Those three lines especially had the tears flowing. You can tell B.I went through a lot, and he has grown so much as a person. The message of ‘Flow Away’ resonates loudly.

‘Be I’

Image Source: tumblr

“Not even laughable anymore, they’ve talked all the smack they could about me, that’s me
My goal is to be the best
But reality always results in the worst or just average
After losing, a new storm is beginning, that’s me“

When Hanbin performed ‘Be I’ on Show Me The Money in 2014, the impact was real. You could feel the idol’s pre-debut determination and his passion already. These few lines already set up B.I’s mindset for the coming years, and over the past seven years, the song has become iconic.

‘One and Only’

Image Source: tumblr

“Let me tell you something first
This isn’t a song where
I’ll pretend to be strong and act tough
I’m not strong
I’m standing right at rock bottom
So if you’re going to stare
Then lower your eyes first“

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Last but not least, we have to mention B.I.’s opening verse in his solo song ‘One and Only.’ This leaves quite the impression. Hanbin has always been honest through his lyrics, and he is not even pretending to be something he is not, and that’s why I.D.s and we love the rapper so much.


We could be including basically Hanbin’s entire discography in this list, but we have narrowed it down to these seven. B.I is one of the strongest people we know, and we wish nothing for the best for him and hope he continues to share his beautiful mind with us through his lyrics.

Image Source: tumblr.

What is your favorite B.I lyric? How much are you enjoying WATERFALL? How proud are you of Hanbin? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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  • He is such a poet 🥺❤️ I especially love every line in rebirth. He finds meaning and intimacy in the vastness of space and time and it really touches me every time I listen to it.

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