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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan B.I

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan B.I

You may have noticed it already, but we are big IDs here at THP. Kim Hanbin has us whipped, to say the least, and there is nothing that we wish more for him than happiness. After two difficult years B.I seem to be back on his feet and we couldn’t be prouder of him! After his grand return with his June album Waterfall, Hanbin hasn’t stopped providing fans with content. He has also been teasing KHS2, so now is the time to jump on the Hanbin love train. And we have five amazing reasons for you!

A Genius Composer And Songwriter

You might have heard it before, maybe from us or someone else, but B.I is the only idol to win Songwriter Of The Year at the Melon Music Awards and for good reason. All of his songs, his own or ones given to someone else, have all done numbers on the charts and some even getting awards. Hanbin knows how to make a hit song, ‘Love Scenario’ is still an absolute bop three years later! His album Waterfall proved to us again that even after a two-year hiatus the idol still got it and it is full of no-skip hits. If stanning a legendary composer isn’t for you, we don’t know what is.

There Is Nothing He Can’t Do

B.I is truly the definition of an all-rounder idol. We still have to find something this boy can’t do, be it rapping, dancing, songwriting, singing, or even climbing (his latest hobby), the singer excels at everything he does and touches. We may be a bit jealous as our best personality trait seems to be stanning this legend, but we are so proud to see him grow every day and do what he loves and he is best at, which is music. It can only go up from here for B.I and we love to see it. You should join us on the way!

His Own Boss
Image Source: 131Label

As we mentioned before, this boy can do everything. He even founded his own entertainment agency and signed himself. As a director at IOK Company, Hanbin founded 131Label making himself his own boss. He has full creative control over everything, from who he hires and works with, to his music and everything involved in the creative process. This works to his advantage because he can do whatever he wants and give us all the content we need. Show us, someone who is better at supporting Hanbin than himself, we will wait!

Raw And Honest Music

B.I has struggled mentally for a long time and he uses music to work through his emotions. The two-year hiatus must have been especially hard on him, as music is his outlet (‘Flow Away’ is calling). This results in incredible raw and honest lyrics and music. Hanbin has been so open with IDs about how he feels and what he has been going through. But he is also always super supportive and listens to his fans, making him the idol for us to stan. Who can say no to such heartbreaking lyrics? Come join us.

He Never Rests

Honestly, he never rests. We thought after Waterfall promotions ended, he’d take some time off and work on album number two. But the artist has been constantly pumping out content on his YouTube channel, letting IDs never starve or rest. We sometimes need some time to digest Hanbin but keep the videos coming. You can really tell how happy B.I is about being able to communicate again with his fans and about being able to provide them with content. We missed you too Hanbinnie, never leave us again! Unlimited content seems to be a great reason to stan, no?

Are you convinced yet? Ready to be an ID? Then, what’s your favorite B.I song? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of 131Label

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  • Illa illa is one for me..and rebirth gets me emotional since its specially written for us. and thank you for the beautiful article.. and for being a co ID. 🙌

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