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Belle Mt. Gets Candid In Our Exclusive Interview

Belle Mt. Gets Candid In Our Exclusive Interview

Belle Mt

Introducing you to artists we know you’re going to love, is something we take pride in. Belle Mt. is one of those acts, and we’re betting it’ll end up on your playlists. Their soulful lyricism and sparkling vocals make each track so much fun to listen to, and we know you’ll agree.

She moved into my soul and oh she made it her home/ it’s an unbearable comfort to be… together, alone.

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London-based alt-pop trio Belle Mt. has returned with another stellar new single, ‘The Way A Young Heart Breaks,’ released via Warner Records. It’s no surprise that frontman Matt Bellmont continues to draw millions of streams with his distinctive songcraft that showcases his heartfelt vocals, poignant lyrics, and evocative tunes. With a melody and hook swelled with distorted electric guitar underpinned by sentimental poetry, this song, produced by GRAMMY award-winning Femke, captures the intensity of a formative heartbreak. Matt Belmont’s confession ignites the momentum. This may be the most addictive pop statement from Belle Mt. to date!

The way a young heart breaks is slowest and it’s deepest, you feel it.

Belle Mt uses music to express emotions and is passionate about making an impact. Their newest tune, ‘The Way A Young Heart Breaks,’ is an intimate experience infused with vulnerability and encapsulating their emotions. It showcases their outstanding creativity. We sat down with the Belle Mt. to chat and get all the inside scoop for you in our exclusive interview. We discussed their newest single, ‘The Way A Young Heart Breaks,’ songwriting sessions, experimental sounds, relationship with fans, going back on tour, and what’s in store for the future! Keep reading below to know more!

How did you discover your passion for music? Do you remember the first-ever song that you wrote and what inspired it?
I’ve always gravitated towards musical instruments ever since I first saw live music. From a young age, I loved to sing karaoke with my sister. Then as I got older and got exposed to musicians playing their instruments, I became so captivated by that. I eventually convinced my parents to buy us a piano and then a guitar, and it went on from there one day at a time. My first songs weren’t great. I don’t think anybody’s first songs are. I hope they are never leaked, put it that way.

Image Source: Belle Mt. via Instagram

As you reflect on your musical journey so far, who or what has the greatest impact, both personally or professionally?
The journey has been a long one with a few setbacks on the way. So personally, I’d say that the unwavering support and belief of my partner Sula has been the biggest factor. She traveled with me as I busked the streets of the UK and was there at my highest and lowest points. Everyone needs a supporter like that. Professionally, there have been a lot of great people and continue to be, but I have got to namecheck our managers Bruce and Rachel and our producer Femke. Bruce took what we had created and connected us with good people in the industry who he knew would love it enough to back us. He’s been a real champion from the first time he heard us play on Mahogany sessions in 2017. Rachel works tirelessly to help us achieve the creative vision. Femke heard me sing online and invited me out to Nashville to work in 2016, she was the missing piece of the project in those first couple of years in particular, and I’ll always be grateful to her for that.

Your latest song has an emotional punch; it is so captivating, infectious, and nostalgic. Can you tell us more about the production and the inspiration behind it?
We were going for that emotional wall of sound that could build and reflect both the turmoil of a fresh moment and the nostalgic reflection of past heartbreak. Turn the track up loud, and you’ll feel driving to the track that builds tension in your chest, and above there are these dreamy piano overtones with a 90’s vibe that is there to put you into the nostalgic space, we wanted you to be in. People think we’re nice guys, but we’re actually very very manipulative like that, haha.

“She’s still coming down like rain. I know the roof is about to cave.” Wow, these lyrics are so vulnerable and confessional. While writing, was it challenging to get back into that mindset to justify the emotions or was this process therapeutic for you?
It is always difficult to relive moments of hurt, but it is absolutely the key as an artist. If you want to write and perform from a place of honesty, then you have to put yourself right back there otherwise, any audience will see right through you. A lot of people have a sixth sense of inauthenticity, so honesty is the key.

Your previous song ‘Hollow’ turned out to be a game-changer and was wildly appreciated; how did you feel about the reception of this song, and did the success add any extra pressure on you?
Yeah, it’s always nice to have a song take on a life of its own like that. I’d love to be able to say that it doesn’t matter, but it absolutely does matter to have the support and backing of DSPs and radio. They’re the gateway to the people, and we only want to reach the people. It’s extra special that ‘Hollow’ first took off when we were unsigned and releasing things from a bedroom. I think it’s vital to the industry that they always support things based on merit and not based on signed vs. unsigned.

GRAMMY award winner Femke is your long-time collaborator. How is the relationship between you two? How did the first collaboration come about, and are your working styles comfortably similar, or do you face any creative conflicts?
Yeah, it’s always been good, but it’s at its best when we can get into a room and be friends and collaborators in person, out of the songs we’ve written together, all of the best ones happened in a room and mostly not over zoom. When we’re cowriting, there’s a flow that just happens, it’s like one brain at times, and I hope we’ll continue to work together for years to come as there’s just something magical there.

You have one of the fastest-growing fanbases. How do you feel about their unconditional support and love? How much does fan feedback play into your motivation to make music?
I love that we’re at a level where I still get to respond to every message and can regularly have conversations with fans in our DM’s, we’ve even collaborated with some on videos and designs, etc. “Fastest growing” is an almost impossible claim, but growth comes in waves. When we’re on a tour, we really connect and build; when we’re in a pandemic, we struggled the same as everyone else who isn’t a TikTok star first and foremost.

Yeah, it’s a tricky business. Coming back to Belle Mt., it’s difficult to put your sound in a box as you’ve been constantly experimenting with the style of your project. How would you introduce your sound to your new listeners?
I tend to say Alt-Pop as that feels like the most freeing term I’ve come across so far that fits. Expect big choruses and hooks on the surface level, built upon songs that have layers of meaning so you can dive as deep as you want with them.

You’re scheduled to go on the road in 2022 for the KALEO Fight or Flight tour. What are you looking forward to the most, post-COVID?
We really grow most as a fanbase when we can get out on the road, so these past 18 months have been completely stifling. We’ve tried to connect and perform with live streams, etc., but I’d be lying if I said it was easy. We’re just itching to get out in front of all of these rooms full of music lovers. KALEO’s fanbase is one of the greatest around in our experience, and it’s an absolute privilege to be able to join the guys on the road for such a giant tour.

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Finally, what does the rest of 2021 have in store for Belle Mt.? Are there any major milestones set for the near future?
A whole lot of recording and a whole lot of tour prep! We have to remember how to play live together and be a band again, and we’ll be giving our everything to this opportunity. I think the next milestones will be album and world tour, that’ll do for the next 12 months at least, right?

Absolutely! And we can’t wait for all-new sweet surprises. As we told you, Belle Mt. is definitely the one to watch, so whatever they have up their sleeves next, we are sure you won’t want to miss it. You can stream/purchase ‘The Way A Young Heart Breaks’ here!

What did you think of this emotive single ‘The Way A Young Heart Breaks?’ What do you want to hear next from Belle Mt.? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the daily drip? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop-culture news and inside scoop!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Belle Mt. via Instagram & The Honey POP Graphics Team

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