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Let’s Look At EXO D.O.’s Empathy Track By Track

Let’s Look At EXO D.O.’s Empathy Track By Track

EXO-L’s the day has finally come! Empathy is here, and we get eight songs with just Soo’s amazing and smooth vocals! We have been absolutely obsessed with the album since it dropped on Monday and haven’t stopped replaying it for hours on end! The solo album has been long in the making, with D.O. blessing us with singles and OSTs for the past decade since EXO‘s debut, and after multiple of his fellow members going solo, the time for Dolo or Empathy has finally come!

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We had to take the chance to take a deep dive into this amazing album and give you a track-by-track breakdown of Empathy! Also, make sure to stream the album on your favorite platform here.


First up is the album’s title track, ‘Rose,’ the beautiful acoustic folk song has the summer vibes we were craving. The lyrics were also written by D.O. himself, which makes this song even better. Let us take a minute to appreciate the guitar rhythm that fits the music video so beautifully. A moment of silence for D.O. and how cute he is as well.

‘I’m Gonna Love You’ Feat. Wonstein

‘I’m Gonna Love You’ is one of our personal favorites (shh, don’t tell anyone) on the album. Kyungsoo’s amazing vocals elevate the soft song. Honestly, we could go on for hours about this man’s voice for forever. Wonstein is also an amazing addition to this song. This boy never misses with his rap verses!

‘My Love’

If you have looked at ‘My Love’ credits, you might have peeked Day6‘s Jae credited as eaJ as one of the song’s lyricists. We love this unexpected collab and can only say it makes for a stunning song! This album really is no filler, all killer!

‘It’s Love’

Soo plus a guitar instrumental is the way to our hearts! ‘It’s Love’ is such a beautiful, soft acoustic song that lives from D.O.’s beautiful harmonies and his talent alone, and we could listen to this song for hours without getting tired of it.


We advise you to prepare the tissues for this one. ‘Dad’ had us tear up as soon as D.O. starts to sing. This song’s lyrics are just way too raw and hit close to home. We were expecting D.O. to make us cry, but we didn’t expect him to make us cry this hard. But Kyungsoo shall be forgiven as it is such a beautiful song nonetheless.

‘I’m Fine’

Lyricist D.O. strikes again! ‘I’m Fine’ has us anything but fine, but in a good way? For real, are you hearing those vocals? Please, it is an honor to be alive at the same time as Do Kyungsoo and be able to hear his voice on this 3:09 minute long song. Our only complaint might be that it is just a tad bit too short!

‘Rose’ English Version

As much as we love ‘Rose’ in its original form, there is just something very special about this English version. Soo had expressed the desire to sing the song in English as the demo for it was in English. We have to say he aced it. His pronunciation is on point!

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‘Si Fueras Mia’

We already expressed our love for ‘It’s Love,’ but the Spanish version of this song is where it’s at! We have been waiting for another Spanish song by D.O. for years, and now it is here. Soo’s voice sounds even better on this track, and for some reason, it is even more moving.

D.O. really just dropped AOTY with Empathy, and we can’t stop loving it! Do you feel the same? What is your favorite song on Empathy? What are you most looking forward to during these promotions? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

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