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7 Suran Songs That Feel Like A ‘Blanket’

7 Suran Songs That Feel Like A ‘Blanket’

Queen Suran has returned to us with yet another comfort bop! ‘Blanket’ teams up our soul and R&B queen with no other than rapper, Wonstein. This guy really is everywhere this year, and we aren’t complaining. His rap tone perfectly fits Suran’s smooth vocals. Make sure you listen to Suran’s ‘Blanket’ below!

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2021 really has been blessed with a handful of Suran singles and OSTs. In Suran, we trust to bring us the cozy comfort bops we all deserve. This year is still in the shadow of the Covid19 pandemic, and ‘Blanket’ is the perfect soundtrack to this year. It is better to stay inside and cozy up with your most comfortable ‘Blanket,’ an iced coffee, and your favorite K-Drama than going outside. The new song perfectly captures this mood. Suran and Wonstein together is honestly everything we ever wanted. ‘Blanket is going straight on our comfort playlist.

But as we said before, Suran is known for giving us the best and most soothing music, so we compiled a list to complete your comfort playlist not only with ‘Blanket’ but seven more songs by our soul queen Suran!


Suran dropped another single at the beginning of this year, and it brought us the sun during the cold winter days. The music video for it is absolutely stunning as well. ‘Sunny’ is perfect for any comfort playlist, especially when you need a bit of sun on a rainy day.

‘Into The Abyss’ With Coogie

This OST was a match made in heaven. Suran, Coogie, and a K-Drama? Yes, please! 2019 had an amazing lineup for dramas, and Abyss kept us well entertained, but the true star of this show was this fantastic OST. We still listen to ‘Into The Abyss’ religiously, and it gives us great comfort!

‘Don’t hang up’ Feat. pH-1

Suran’s EP Jumpin’ gave us a lot of slow jams, but ‘Don’t hang up’ truly stood out to fans and us. Also, we will never say no to pH-1 on a track, that man could rap a laundry tag, and we would be listening. ‘Don’t hang up’ has so much comforting soul in it, and it’s all thanks to Suran’s vocals.

‘Two People’

We are hereby proclaiming Suran as our K-Drama OST queen! Honestly, this woman knows how to bring us the perfect soundtrack to our favorite K-Drama of the moment. Find Me In Your Memory had us glued to the screen, but ‘Two People’ is the OST we can’t move on from. Such a beautiful ballad Suran has graced us with. Thanks, queen.

‘Wait for you’

2019 we are so thankful for you because you brought us ‘Wait for you’ by Suran, and it is beautiful. This is what we call a tragically beautiful comfort song. You better have your tissues ready to go because tears will fall. Suran’s vocal tone is just so unique!

‘Hide And Seek’ Feat. Heize

What do you mean Heize and Suran teamed up for a song? This is incredible. ‘Hide And Seek’ is also on Suran’s EP Jumpin’ but we got ‘Hide And Seek’ as a single beforehand and it is truly stunning. This song feels like the warmest blanket ever and brings us all the comfort. These two should sing together more often, more collabs, please!

‘Still Standing’ With Yesung

We have to end this list with the coziest song ever brought to us through SM StationSuper Junior‘s Yesung teamed up with Suran to bring us this soulful track. ‘Still Standing’ is an absolutely stunning song and perfectly fits every time of the year, mainly when you need a warm hug in the form of a song.

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So, what do you think about ‘Blanket?’ What’s your go-to comfort song by Suran? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram

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