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‘Let’s Go Crazy’ With Prince & The Revolution: Live In HD

‘Let’s Go Crazy’ With Prince & The Revolution: Live In HD

Prince’s legacy is one of unique flair, unapologetic confidence, and some of the most energetic performances the world has ever seen. Now a whole new generation can discover his onstage charisma and talent thanks to the release of Prince & The Revolution: Live, a remastering of a March 1985 show from the Purple Rain Tour that shows off his prowess!

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The original audio for this album spent decades in Prince’s Paisley Park estate, and his recording engineer Chris James – who worked with him on songs like ‘Baltimore’ and ‘CLOUDS’ – enhanced it to get it up to speed for the digital age. Chris has also prepped Fleetwood Mac’s discography for Dolby Atmos, so you already know it’s gonna sound amazing!

Speaking of Dolby Atmos… for the first time with this album, you can listen to Prince’s music in immersive spatial audio, which will make it more alluring than ever! If that’s not your thing or your tech can’t support it, don’t worry. You can check out the album in normal streaming formats, on a 2-CD and Blu-ray set that lets you watch an enhanced version of the original video recording, and a 3-LP vinyl set that probably sounds more magical than a ‘Crystal Ball.’ 

If you wanna get the full Prince & The Revolution experience, you can pick up your very own Collector’s Edition box set with the album, which includes CD and vinyl copies of the record, as well as special bonuses like a photobook and a refreshed version of the liner notes for each song. This is a must-have for any big Prince fan, so go grab your copy ASAP or you’ll cry like the birds in ‘When Doves Cry.’ 

Image Source: The Prince Estate

That’s a lot of information at once, phew. Can you tell how excited we are for this release? For those who aren’t too familiar with Prince’s discography, or for fans who just wanna relive his brightest moments, we thought we’d round up some essential Prince songs, which you can hear on Prince & The Revolution: Live! 

‘I Would Die 4 U’

Tying in religious references with that classic 80s love song vibe of being super devoted to your partner, ‘I Would Die 4 U’ is Prince’s ode to his passion for his messages and his relationship with God. Upon your first listen, you might assume the promises of “Be your fire when you’re cold, make you happy when you’re sad” are to a woman, but that’s what’s so clever about Prince’s music. He often veiled the true meanings outside of the catchy hooks so the songs could be relatable in some way for anyone who listens! 


With some help from his Revolution bandmates, Prince wanted to “party like it’s 1999” on the title track of his 1982 album! This is the ultimate 80s dance anthem, with synths and bouncing basslines everywhere you look. The song touched on tensions from the Cold War without letting the subject weigh too heavily, turning it into a reason to enjoy the present more than ever.

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‘Purple Rain’

No Prince song rec list would be complete without ‘Purple Rain,’ which might be the song that best defines his artistic legacy. It’s especially a standout on the Prince & The Revolution: Live album, where it clocks in at just under 19 minutes. This extended version of the track would’ve been the ultimate concert ending, with extra guitar riffs and solos that made the crowd go wild. The real meaning behind the lyrics has been debated for years, but the main theme is one of deeply caring for someone you love. We can get behind that!

What do you think of our song choices? Make sure you check out Prince & The Revolution: Live right here and tell us your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! For more music recs you’ll love, buzz on over here


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