Here Are The Songs From BTS’ Proof Tracklist We’re Most Excited For

For the first time in nearly two years, we’re getting a new BTS album! With three discs full of masterpieces, it’s hard to know where to begin processing BTS’ Proof tracklist! But we’re going to do our very best at helping ARMY recover from the announcements the last three days by recapping the Proof tracks we’re most excited for!

Proof is an anthology made up of three discs, and a total of 48 (forty-eight!) tracks, and each disc’s tracklist provides a different insight into BTS.

Disc one tells the story of BTS’ career so far. The first section of the album opens with a remastered version of ‘Born Singer,’ a previously unreleased track that samples J.Cole’s ‘Born Sinner.’ It then takes us on a journey through BTS’ career with many of their greatest hits (so far) before we land on ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).’

‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’

‘Yet To Come’ is the lead single from Proof, and we could not be more excited to hear it! Seemingly tying in with BTS’ HYYH universe, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, we cannot wait to see how it links up. Will it sample a HYYH track like the ‘Save Me’ and ‘I’m Fine’ pairing? Will we see a continuation of the HYYH storyline in the ‘Yet To Come’ music video? All the fan theories have got our heads spinning!

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‘Born Singer’

BTS released ‘Born Singer’ in 2013, really soon after they debuted. Like we said before, the song samples ‘Born Sinner’ by J.Cole, and has never been officially released before – only performed live or available on SoundCloud. The rapline (j-hope, RM, and SUGA) wrote ‘Born Singer’ about their emotions and reactions to debuting. It’s a regular tear-jerker when the group performs it live; it’s such a powerful choice for the first song on this anthology!

‘Run BTS’

‘Run BTS’ is the opening song on disc two, co-written by Jungkook, Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hobi. That alone is enough to know it’s going to be a hit, but we have to admit we’re super curious about this one. Presumably, it’s a reference to their variety show Run BTS. But we thought the show title was already a reference to the song ‘Run’ by BTS. Regardless, hopefully, ‘Run BTS’ will tide us over until Run BTS comes back from hiatus. Ok, now we’re confusing ourselves.

Disc two is dedicated to BTS’ sub-units and solo songs throughout the years. The members selected all 15 tracks, designed to show BTS’ individual styles, as well as their cohesion and appeal as a group.

Our excitement for this disc is less about the individual songs (though we are fascinated by how they chose and are desperate to see footage of those discussions) and more about the overall flow of the tracklist. The solo songs are in fanchant order, which makes us curious, and the sub-unit always includes the member whose solo song precedes it. There are so many golden moments in the tracklist, but we have to mention ‘Filter’ into ‘Friends’ into ‘Singularity.’ Ouch.

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‘Young Love,’ ‘Quotation Mark’ And ‘For Youth’

Ok, so BTS really pulled out the big guns for the last tracklist. Dedicated to ARMY, disc three is full of unreleased demos, remixes, and three new songs. With the exception of ‘For Youth,’ disc three is CD only, so it’s truly only for ARMY! We’re super excited for all three of the new songs on here, but ‘For Youth’ is a fan song dedicated to ARMY. With the recurring themes of youth in BTS’ discography and Proof (and Jimin’s tattoo!), we’re really interested to see what direction this one is headed!

‘Tony Montana (With Jimin)’ By Agust D

And on the day we found out we were finally getting an official version of ‘Tony Montana (With Jimin),’ the world ended. Ok, we’re joking, but also it kinda did?

‘Tony Montana’ is originally from Yoongi AKA SUGA AKA Agust D’s debut mixtape, released in 2016. We got the live performance with Jimin at 2016 Muster, and it’s one of the most iconic BTS performances ever! We truly cannot believe Bangtan are blessing ARMY with a recorded version!

‘Still With You (Acapella)’

Jungkook originally released ‘Still With You’ on SoundCloud as a gift for ARMY during 2020 Festa. It’s such a comforting song, and even the snippet he sang at Sowoozoo was enough to bring us to tears. How on earth are we going to cope with a full acapella version?

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OK, But All Of The Demos Though…

This might be our favorite part of the tracklist! Disc three is made up almost entirely of demo versions, and we’re not ready at all! ‘DNA (j-hope demo ver.)’ and ‘Spring Day (V demo ver.)’ immediately had us screaming, and we already know Jin will have us crying over ‘Epiphany (Jin demo ver.)!’ Every single one of these demos has got us hyped, and we’re gonna be watching out the window for our CDs to arrive!

We know that ARMY, including all the purple-blooded members of THP (there are a lot of us), will love every song on BTS’ tracklist for Proof. There’s no doubt that BTS and ARMY will smash a bunch of records, and we have complete trust that the new songs on Proof will be incredible works of art. Now though, we just have to sit and wait and try not to lose our minds at Midnight KST every day. Next up on the comeback schedule? “Proof Of Inspiration,” whatever that means!

Which Proof song are you most excited about? Got any theories on the unreleased ones you need to share with us? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram!

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