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“We’re Going Crazy” For Wonho’s New Album Facade: Track By Track

“We’re Going Crazy” For Wonho’s New Album Facade: Track By Track

It feels like it’s been forever since we last got a Wonho comeback, but finally, we have a new mini-album from him – Facade! Wonho’s third mini-album takes us on an emotional rollercoaster, and WENEE are in for a big ride!

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Facade is definitely Wonho’s most theatrical and fantastical album yet. We love the soft reflection in Blue Letter, but we love Wonho using Facade as a chance to show another side of him too! Wonho is an extraordinarily talented singer, songwriter, and producer, and he showcases all of those skills here.

We love this new era so much that we simply had to break it down, so here’s our track-by-track review of Wonho’s Facade!


Facade gets off to a dramatic start, and we’re so into it. ‘INTRO : 9AM’ will make you feel like you’re at a carnival or circus or theatre, and not only starts the album with a bang but sets the tone perfectly too. Facade is all about the feelings you might get at a carnival, and about escapism and momentary suspensions of reality, which is exactly what you get here!


‘CRAZY’ is one of Wonho’s most energetic songs to date, pulling inspiration from Rock music. The music video is so dynamic and really allows us to see Wonho’s artistry (and abs…) at a whole new level. It’s also one of Wonho’s most choreo-heavy singles, and it’s amazing to see his dancing skills showcased again!


All-English track ‘Close’ might be the most familiar version of Wonho. It’s dreamy and comes across as completely effortlessly delivered, though, of course, we know Wonho is one of the hardest workers in the industry. In terms of Wonho’s legendary vocals, this is maybe our favorite track.

‘White Miracle (Korean Version)’

‘White Miracle’ is a precious song for any WENEE, so we’re so happy it’s getting another chance to shine here. Like the rest of the tracks on Facade, ‘White Miracle’ was created by Wonho himself and is incredibly comforting. We love that we now have both Japanese and Korean versions of it!

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Facade comes to a perfect close with ‘OUTRO : 9PM.’ We love the full circle moment this song offers, as it brings back many of the same sounds, and emotions, as the intro. This album is literally meant to be listened to on repeat, so clearly Wonho knows us too well!

We will find any excuse we can to talk to, or about, Wonho, but now we wanna hear your thoughts, what’s your favorite song? Let us know what you think of Wonho and Facade over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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